The Ambulance

After getting through their usual pleasantries on January 5, 2019, Jennifer and Jeremy Dewitte began to discuss Jeremy’s extracurricular activities during their month long break according to statements in an affidavit.

According to court documents Jennifer was under the impression Jeremy Dewitte was robbed by a woman and a transwoman. Jeremy claimed it was Jessica Bolden.

Jeremy Dewitte was dating Jessica Bolden, an employee and soon to be co-partner of Metro-State Special Services.

It appeared Jeremy was dating Jennifer and Jessica Bolden at the same time for quite awhile. Jennifer’s phone number was saved as Orlando Funeral Home and Jessica’s phone number was saved as Lakeland Funeral Home.

During this time Jeremy Dewitte wanted to expand Metro-State Special Services and his next area of interest was in the paratransit industry.

Paratransit is a transportation service that provides rides for those on a fixed income like the elderly, vulnerable adults and children.

There are several steps that must take place because the clients are protected and there are significant responsibilities involved.

In Orange County an aspiring paratransit company must go through the Office of the Medical Director.

At the time of Jessica Bolden’s filing of the Metro-State Emergency Services Unit, LLC, Crystal Ford was the person of contact.

In the state of Florida anyone who will have contact with children, the elderly or vulnerable adults while they are employed must pass a Level 2 background check.

Unlike a Level 1 background check which is only a state check and a history of your employment, a Level 2 requires much more detail.

A Level 2 background check is a state and national fingerprint-based check. Florida Statute 435.04 requires Level 2 background checks on all employees.

Jessica Bolden didn’t appear to have a criminal record but some of the employees of Metro-State Special Services certainly did.

In text messages to his ex, Jennifer, Jeremy Dewitte stated he placed all of his money into the ambulance business. Jeremy purchased several ambulance trucks in a surplus auction in Polk County.

It is safe to assume Jeremy Dewitte was deeply involved in the paratransit company although he would never be able to pass the Level 2 background check.

But Jessica Bolden could.

In October of 2019, one month after Jeremy Dewitte’s Windermere arrest and right before his second police impersonation arrest, Jeremy Dewitte and Metro-State Emergency Services were invited to participate in a shoot with WWE, a media and entertainment group for professional wrestling.

It appeared Jeremy Dewitte was officially an employee of Metro-State Emergency Services.

This was puzzling because a Level 2 background check has certain disqualifying offenses.

  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Incest
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Sexual Felonies

Jeremy Dewitte is a convicted sex offender. Part 3 of the paratransit application stated all information regarding all employees must be submitted. All employees must go through a Level 2 background check.

Either Jessica Bolden was less than truthful when she completed the application or the state of Florida decided not to run Level 2 background checks on any of Metro-State Emergency Services employees.

On November 1, 2019, two days after Jeremy Dewitte was arrested for a second time for impersonating a police officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Jessica Bolden filed two business dissolutions with the state of Florida.

Metro-State Emergency Services, LLC was the first company Jessica Bolden stepped away from.

Less than three weeks prior to this filing Metro-State Emergency Services was given a unique opportunity to build a relationship with WWE. The media coverage would have been wonderful for the business.

There were also many hoops and loops Jessica Bolden and Metro-State Special Services had to go through in order to qualify as a paratransit company in Florida.

The company was less than a year old and riding the waves of a successful television appearance, and within a month the company ended after Jeremy Dewitte’s second felony arrest.

Jessica Bolden also filed a dissolution for a company called Metro-State Services, LLC. Unlike Metro-State Emergency Services, LLC, it didn’t appear Jessica decided to stop pursuing the business.

Jessica Bolden specifically stated she didn’t authorize her attachment to the company. This was also puzzling because there are quite a few steps an individual has to take in order to file a limited liability company.

To start a limited liability company in the state of Florida you must review the instructions for filing, gather all required information to complete the form and have a valid form of payment.

The accepted payment options are Credit Credits, Debit Cards or a Prepaid Sunbiz E-File Account which links back to a valid bank account.

Jessica Bolden claimed she didn’t authorize Metro-State Special Services, LLC but in order to complete an application the registered agent must use a form of payment in their own name. Third party payments aren’t accepted.

The application isn’t vague and there are bright yellow notices stating the signature of the individual must be made with their full knowledge otherwise it is a forgery, Florida Statute 8 1 3. 0 6.

If any submitted information is false it is a third degree felony, FL Statute 8 1 7. 1 5 5.

Jeremy Dewitte has been arrested and charged with several felonies but he has never been arrested for forgery or submitting false information.

Either Jessica Bolden was less than truthful when she ended Metro-State Services, LLC or someone who has a vested interest in Metro-State stole her banking information and created the businesses using her name.

After Jeremy Dewitte’s October 30, 2019 felony arrest and after Jessica Bolden’s November 1, 2019 dissolution filings, Metro-State Emergency Services, LLC was no longer active.