The Backlash

After receiving yesterday’s comment from someone who appeared to be affiliated with Jeremy Dewitte, we received another comment today, March 28, 2020, at 1:22 A.M.

This time the individual used a different IP address which went back to a T-Mobile prepaid phone. This IP address appeared to hit in the Lakeland, Florida area.

Because a cell phone was used it is unclear if the individual was in Lakeland, Florida when they left the comment or if the phone was purchased and activated in Lakeland, Florida.

Jessica Bolden, who is a Lakeland, Florida resident and Jeremy Dewitte’s girlfriend uses AT&T for Metro-State’s business line.

The person immediately began to question the sources who provided the information regarding Randall Brocius and the fatal crash he was involved in, which resulted in the death of a pedestrian.

Despite the fact that this website was the first website to reveal this information the day it occurred, this didn’t appear to be good enough for the person who was under the impression this site was made to please him or her.

The individual tried to publicly shame the deceased victim again in the new comment and seemed unable to have any form of empathy for the victim or understand why the information they were trying to release could be harmful.

The person made an attempt to micromanage this site by giving us orders to correct ourselves although there was no need for a correction. This individual seemed to have a desire to direct the behavior of others.

The person believed bringing attention to their previous comment made the site look misinformed.

This was a puzzling conclusion to come to because the site never claimed Randall Brocius or anyone from Metro-State Special Services intentionally killed a pedestrian nor did we reveal any information about the victim.

We refused to include private information about the victim who couldn’t defend himself.

The person finished the comment by stating we should stop acting like we’re investigative journalists, a title we have never mentioned on this site.

It would be fair to say Jeremy Dewitte has been told to stop acting like a police officer on more than one occasion, but we are unaware of anyone on this site who has claimed to be a journalist.

Ironically it appears Jeremy Dewitte’s family seems to have an issue with anyone publicly shaming him or his company Metro-State Special Services.

These are Yelp reviews posted by Leanda M. and Ursula D.

Leanda McMurty are Ursula are family members of Jeremy Dewitte.

On a business review site a woman named Molly claimed she had a positive experience with Metro-State Services on March 2, 2020.

Days later Metro-State was the “last minute call” for three other individuals. Molly and the three individuals posted on different days or at different times but they seemed to have written the same positive experience.

On March 11, 2020, just one minute apart a person named Andra and a person named Mark had the same opinion about Metro-State Special Services and Jeremy Dewitte.

The two individuals defended Jeremy Dewitte’s status as a sex offender and both individuals seemed to have an issue with white people.

Enablers work on another person’s behalf and placate their needs and wants which encourages dysfunctional behavior.

The enablers will lie for the person, screen calls or visitors, make excuses, hide evidence and bail the person out of jail. The enablers believe taking over the responsibilities of another adult will eventually change their behavior.

Some enablers actually enjoy having another adult around who repeatedly asks for help. These enablers have no interest in seeing personal growth in the adult because these enablers enjoy being at the center of the chaos.

It appears after years of protecting someone or after years of being protected, the individual who left the comment is unable to recognize actions which should bring public shame such as felony arrests, and those that should be kept private such as death.