The Brothers

Jeremy Charles Dewitte and his younger brother Dylan Kent Vogt are chronologically years apart but appear to be closer in their alleged criminal behavior.

Both brothers have felony arrests on their record and both brothers have faced charges regarding criminal sexual contact with minors. The brothers own and maintain a business called Metro-State Special Services which has been at the center of controversy for years in Central Florida.

On February 16, 2020, just five months after finishing four years of probation Dylan Vogt was arrested and charged with falsely impersonating an officer and criminal mischief. Both charges were 3rd degree felonies in the state of Florida and punishable by up to 5 years in prison for each charge. Dylan’s brother, Jeremy Dewitte, was also charged for impersonating a police officer.

On July 27, 2017 Dylan Vogt and Jeremy Dewitte were conducting a funeral escort for Baldwin Fairchild Funeral Home. It is interesting to note Baldwin Fairchild is a funeral home which frequently used the services of Metro-State.

It’s alleged Jeremy Dewitte and Dylan Vogt impersonated law enforcement on that day and Dylan caused damage to a motorist’s vehicle by repeatedly hitting the hood of the luxury vehicle with his fist. 

In the summer of 2017 Dylan Vogt claimed he jumped off of his motorcycle, raised his hand and ordered the motorist to stop. Vogt repeatedly shouted at the motorist.

Dylan Vogt stated the motorist drove forward to strike him and Dylan had to step back so he would not be hit.

Jeremy Dewitte would later make similar claims in 2019 regarding a separate incident with an off-duty deputy who allegedly hit him with his vehicle. In 2019 Jeremy Dewitte also claimed he had to step back in order not to be hit by a moving vehicle.

According to court documents Dylan Vogt and Jeremy Dewitte falsely accused the motorist, Jerome, of striking Dylan with his vehicle and driving away in 2017.

The Winter Park Officer who arrived, Officer Joshua Larson, was under the false impression Dylan and Jeremy were police officers, and Officer Larson believed Dylan was the victim of a hit-and-run.

Years later Officer Larson, who now works for Orlando Police Department, admitted his agency didn’t properly investigate Metro State Vehicle Protection Unit as it was called back in 2017.

These false allegations resulted in Jerome being arrested and charged for aggravated assault and battery on July 27, 2017. The charges were later dismissed.

Dylan Vogt filed a lawsuit against Jerome, a wealthy real estate investor. It is unclear when Dylan was made aware of Jerome’s assets. Jerome retained attorney Scott R. Rost of South Milhausen P.A. and countersued. The civil case is still pending.

It was later revealed that during this 2017 incident Dylan Vogt was wearing a body camera which was entered as evidence by Winter Park Police Department. The video showed Dylan acting outside of the scope of Florida State Statute 3 1 6. 1 9 7 4.

It also did not show the crimes Jerome was being accused of. To add more weight to the story, Jerome kept photos of Jeremy Dewitte from the 2017 incident as Jeremy allegedly approached his vehicle and threatened him.

After Jeremy Dewitte’s fall 2019 arrests appeared on local news stations contact was made between Jerome’s attorney and Sergeant Keith Vidler of Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the same Sergeant Vidler mentioned in Jeremy Dewitte’s phone call with employees of the State Attorney’s Office. 

Sergeant Keith Vidler and Corporal John Ramsey met with Jerome and Scott Rost on December 5, 2019.

During their interview with Jerome he stated he was confused because he didn’t know if Dylan Vogt was actually a member of law enforcement.

According to Jerome, Dylan Vogt became erratic and hit his vehicle multiple times with a closed fist. It was at this point Jerome knew Dylan wasn’t a real police officer.

Jerome attempted to get away from Dylan Vogt but he was later cornered by Jeremy Dewitte who followed him on his motorcycle. Jerome stated Jeremy Dewitte yelled and cursed at him and threatened him, stating:

No one touches one of my law enforcement officers

Jeremy Charles Dewitte

Jerome tried to call 911 but in a panic he kept dialing the number one which went to his office. 

The bond between siblings can be very powerful particularly when they grow up in the same household. The bond is important during the adolescent years as well as adulthood. 

The relationship between brothers is usually the longest relationship of their life. It is impenetrable and separation can be devastating.

The problems occur when the siblings no longer see each other as individuals but as a whole. Independence is lost and entanglement is encouraged.

Typically sibling rivalry occurs the most between brothers but this didn’t appear to be the case for Jeremy Dewitte and Dylan Vogt.

They appeared to be a tag team who became enmeshed with one another and created a separate world just for them called Metro-State Special Services.