The Caller

According to court documents this is a text message Jeremy Dewitte sent to his ex girlfriend, Jennifer, in February 2019. 

On October 8, 2019, eight months after the text messages to Jennifer, Sergeant Keith Vidler received information from Detective John Allen from Windermere Police Department.

Detective Allen obtained videos of several crimes from Jeremy Dewitte’s body camera after a search warrant was conducted.

Sergeant Vidler reviewed the videos and he watched as Jeremy Dewitte handled a citizen’s complaint via cell phone. The video was 7 minutes and 41 seconds long. It was labeled “FILE0160.”

Jeremy Dewitte identified himself to the victim, Heather, as “J.” This conversation occurred on September 26, 2019.

During the conversation Jeremy Dewitte’s cell phone was in clear view of the body camera and 35 seconds into the recording it appears Jeremy adjusted his body camera to ensure the phone call was being recorded.

Four minutes and 31 seconds into the call Heather hung up. Jeremy Dewitte immediately called her back and he continued to record the call until the 5:41 mark. Heather hung up once again.

Jeremy called her back and recorded the conversation until the 7:30 mark when he appeared to be satisfied with his responses and he terminated the call.

It is interesting to note Metro-State employees were seen in the background encouraging Jeremy’s behavior during this interaction. This was very similar to a complaint his ex made about incessant calls and texts from Jeremy Dewitte and his employees.

In his report Sergeant Keith Vidler stated there were three separate calls between Heather and Jeremy Dewitte and at no time did Jeremy inform the victim she was being recorded.

On October 8, 2019 Corporal John Ramsey met Heather at her place of employment and conducted a taped interview. 

Heather stated on September 26, 2019 at 11:00 A.M. she stopped for a red light when she began to hear sirens approaching from behind. Heather saw a white police-style motorcycle approach the intersection and Jeremy Dewitte began to direct traffic.

Heather was ordered to move from her stopped position but she was suspicious because she had never heard of Metro-State Special Services. She was also suspicious about the use of purple and amber lights instead of red and blue lights.

Heather stated Metro-State vehicles were driving aggressively and had emergency lights and sirens activated. She called 9 1 1 to report the activity but the dispatcher had never heard of Metro-State Special Services.

It appeared Jeremy Dewitte’s body-worn camera was one of his favorite work devices. He seemed to use it often, so often he had to create electronic files to save all of his material in a safe place.

Jeremy Dewitte admitted in Jennifer’s February 2019 texts he recorded everyone and everything, audio and visual, in his vehicles and in his office. And he did it all without the person’s consent. 

It was almost as if it was a pile of little treasures he collected.

Heather’s September 2019 recording was only found because of the search warrant Windermere Police Department conducted. The recorded conversation between two employees with the State Attorney’s Office and Jeremy Dewitte was also found in a search. 

Whether someone else’s private conversations or in-person interactions with Jeremy Dewitte were also taped and secretly squirreled away in “FILE0001” through ”FILE0159” remains to be seen.