The Co-Defendant

Randall Allyn Brocius is the co-defendant in Jeremy Dewitte’s fifth pending felony case in Orange County. Randall Brocius is also an employee for Metro-State Special Services. 

Prior to being charged Randall Brocius was arrested on September 7, 2019 in Windermere for a separate case of openly displaying a firearm. This was the same day Jeremy Dewitte was arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer.

However this did not appear to be Randall’s first firearm fiasco. Randall Brocius was adjudicated guilty in 2012 for openly displaying a firearm in Lake County.

In that case he declined counsel and he was immediately sentenced to six months of probation and a mental health evaluation. His probation was terminated on June 12, 2013.

Prior to his 2012 adjudication Randall Brocius received multiple criminal traffic tickets for driving with a suspended or revoked license and in 2004 he was adjudicated guilty in a similar felony case.

During this time Randall Brocius filed for divorce from his first wife, Rebecca on June 23, 2004 and the marriage was dissolved on July 26, 2004. Reportedly Rebecca attempted to attack one of her ex-husbands with a pair of scissors but it is unclear if Randall was the intended target.

On Halloween 2017 Randall Brocius filed for divorce from his second wife Yanira and the divorce was finalized on February 2, 2018. 

After his September 7, 2019 arrest in Windermere with Jeremy Dewitte, Randall Brocius retained attorney John Scatuorchio. 

John Scatuorchio was also the attorney who appeared at Jeremy Dewitte’s police impersonation pre-trial hearing in Osceola County on March 3, 2020. John Scatuorchio is an attorney with the Ladan law firm.

Steven Casey Miller, the prosecutor assigned to all of Jeremy Dewitte’s Orange County felony cases, was the Assistant State Attorney assigned to Randall’s case. 

Randall Brocius entered a plea on February 24, 2020 and he was adjudicated guilty of openly displaying a firearm.

A week and four days before he entered his plea Randall Brocius was arrested again, this time for allegedly impersonating a police officer with Jeremy Dewitte on October 12, 2019.

In his sworn affidavit Sergeant Keith Vidler stated he responded to the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando, Florida. Metro-State Special Services was conducting a funeral escort for Postell Mortuary and the procession was headed to the Dr. Phillips Cemetery.

Randall Brocius and Jeremy Dewitte were riding motorcycles with decals and strobe lights that mirrored law enforcement according to Vidler.

A black and white Dodge Charger, which also mirrored law enforcement with its decals and flashing lights, was driven by Steven.

Steven was one of Jeremy Dewitte’s officers as he called them. Steven is also a witness for the State.

Sergeant Vidler observed Jeremy Dewitte entering an intersection as he blew his police-style horn with all of his lights activated. Jeremy then acted as a traffic control device and began directing traffic.

Randall Brocius entered the intersection with his horn blowing and all of his lights activated and parked his motorcycle in the middle of the intersection according to the affidavit. Randall Brocius also began directing traffic.

When Steven was interviewed by law enforcement he confirmed he was driving the black and white Dodge Charger and he confirmed Jeremy Dewitte and Randall Brocius were riding the motorcycles. 

Steven said Jeremy was in the middle of the intersection and holding traffic on all sides. Steven also said Randall Brocius was riding ahead of the funeral procession and entering intersections before it was appropriate.

On September 26, 2019 Jeremy Dewitte voluntarily went to Orange County Sheriff’s Office and gave an interview.

This was 19 days after his Windermere arrest and 13 days after his interview with Detective John Allen at Windermere Police Department. 

According to Sergeant Vidler’s affidavit Jeremy Dewitte stated his employees wore uniforms and drove vehicles that resembled law enforcement to gain compliance from the public.

Vidler went on to say he’d witnessed Metro-State Special Services conducting funeral escorts illegally and recklessly throughout Central Florida.

Metro-State is nothing more than an LLC with no enforcement powers.

Sergeant Keith Vidler

Sergeant Vidler made it clear Metro-State was not a security company and never had been, therefore there was no legitimate requirement for the equipment or uniforms. 

In his 2019 open display of a firearm case Randall Brocius chose an attorney from Ladan law firm. As a co-defendant in the pending impersonation case, Randall decided to go in a different direction and he chose Rachel Mattie from Umansky law firm.

As co-defendants Jeremy Dewitte and Randall Brocius are to have zero contact with one another. This would make it almost impossible for Randall Brocius to continue working for Metro-State Special Services.

Speaking to a co-defendant can also be seen as tampering with a witness. 

Steven was in a unique position as a witness for the State who had freely given information to law enforcement about his long-time employer Jeremy Dewitte.

At least one Metro-State employee began stealthily feeding information to news outlets. This person is expected to make an appearance in an upcoming news story according to a local reporter.

Metro-State Special Services attracted certain individuals and there appeared to be a fierce sense of loyalty in the group.

However as the felony cases piled up and the money potentially dried up, the cracks in the friendships between the crew began to show.