The Correspondence

After admitting to violating his five year sex offender probation in place of an eight year prison sentence, Jeremy Dewitte became an inmate at Graceville Correctional Facility in Jackson County, Florida, five hours from his home in Orlando, Florida. He was sentenced to four years in prison with credit for 109 days. 

At the time Graceville Correctional Facility was only two years old and housed 1,884 male inmates. It is an adult level V (5) correctional facility. Visiting hours are on the weekends and during the week inmates have opportunities to learn about graphic design, computers and repairs and there is even a class for future barbers. 

On September 8, 2009, less than 3 months after arriving at Graceville, a judge received a letter from Jeremy Dewitte asking for clarification of his sentence. On October 2, 2009 the judge denied Jeremy’s petition for clarification. On October 6, 2009 Jeremy filed another petition for clarification. And on November 4, 2009 the judge denied his petition yet again. 

Some time passed and when Jeremy Dewitte was in year two of his four year prison sentence with credit for 109 days, he filed another motion on May 18, 2011 for post-conviction relief. He was pro se, also known as his own attorney, at this time. In the eight page handwritten motion Jeremy asked the court to clarify his sentence. 

In the correspondence he stated his prison sentence was longer than what was agreed upon by the court. Jeremy Dewitte also went on to complain about ineffective counsel and stated his attorney did not make him aware that violating his sex offender probation would cause 47 days of his Department of Corrections credit to be forfeited.

He believed he was sentenced to four years with 366 days of prison credit. Instead he lost 47 days. Jeremy Dewitte claimed he was also given only 28 days of jail credit instead of 109 days. He asked the judge to compel the Department of Corrections to comply with the court. 

This eight page letter was written on May 13, 2011 and received on May 18, 2011. On June 12, 2014 this correspondence was ordered to be stricken by Judge Janet C. Thorpe. And on October 9, 2014 Jeremy Dewitte’s motion for post-conviction relief was denied. 

By this time Jeremy Dewitte had already been released from prison after serving only two of the four years he was sentenced to. He had also started a company called Metro-State Special Services.