The Jeremy Dewitte Case

The story of the Jeremy Dewitte case stands out because it began with profanity-laced videos of a man on a motorcycle topping speeds at 100 miles per hour and shutting down major highways in Central Florida.

Although he appeared to be wearing a police uniform Jeremy Dewitte wasn’t a police officer or even a security guard. No one knew who he was or his history.

These videos were released through public records requests in the state of Florida. Florida has some of the most transparent public record laws when it comes to what can and cannot be released for all to see. 

In the videos it appears Jeremy Dewitte, who owns a business directing funeral processions called Metro-State Special Services, decided to take the law into his own hands while on the road and blew the minds of law enforcement and the public. Almost overnight he became somewhat of a media sensation. 

The videos were filmed on Jeremy Dewitte’s own body camera and later given to law enforcement through a search warrant. We would later learn Jeremy recorded himself on numerous occasions, and the employees of Metro-State also wore body cameras when they were working.

Before most of the footage was released and uploaded on YouTube and various internet platforms, Jeremy Dewitte claimed to local broadcast news stations it was all a mistake and he wasn’t impersonating police officers as the charges stated. He wasn’t even in some of the footage according to him.

He’d been arrested on September 7, 2019 by Windermere Police Department for falsely impersonating an officer, unlawful use of a two-way communication device and resisting an officer without violence.

The arrest video was later released and seen by millions on YouTube on a channel called Real World Police. Jeremy told reporters and anyone who would listen he had been running his business “for 10 years with no problems.”

He claimed to have a history with one of the sergeants on the scene in Windermere and he was demanding an apology and suspension. Jeremy Dewitte would go on to file a complaint against the officer.

Windermere is a small town just outside of Orlando, Florida. While most cities have good and bad areas Windermere is mostly good and filled with $500,000 to multi-million dollar homes. Very little crime occurs there and things that may slip by larger cities like Orlando would immediately grab the attention of a sleepier and more affluent city.

Windermere Police Detective John Allen of Casey Anthony fame investigated the complaint and asked Jeremy Dewitte and his attorney Amir Ladan to come in for an interview on Friday September 13, 2019. 

During this interview Jeremy Dewitte claimed he had not been in any legal troubles in 10 years. He was making a complaint but his credibility also had to come into play. Was Jeremy someone who complained a lot over minor issues? Was he someone who had trouble telling the truth? Was he a felon or a violent offender?

In order to understand all of Jeremy Dewitte’s legal troubles and how he was given the label of an infamous police impersonator, we should start with the first chapter in his criminal career.