The Marriage

Rania Dewitte was known as Rania Mohamed Abdelrahman before her husband Jeremy Charles Dewitte brought her to the United States from Egypt.

The two married on July 25, 2005 in Orlando, Florida. Ideally a hot summer day isn’t conducive for a wedding, particularly in a tropical climate.

But this appeared to be a non-traditional ceremony because the marriage license was issued on July 19, 2005 the same day Jeremy Dewitte entered a guilty plea for lewd and lascivious battery on a 15 year old girl.

According to court documents Jeremy Dewitte claimed Rania Dewitte had a heart condition and she may or may not have suffered from a heart attack.

He would later make claims that her overall physical health and agoraphobia prevented her from working.

Both Jeremy and Rania Dewitte are Muslims. In the Muslim culture appointing multiple wives is a part of the tradition. 

Despite what appeared to be open and acceptable relationships in their home, Jeremy saved his girlfriend Jennifer’s number in his cell phone as Orlando Funeral Home and his other girlfriend Jessica Bolden’s number was saved as Lakeland Funeral Home. It seemed neither girlfriend knew about the other.

Looking at texts from Jennifer, she would not have been tolerant of being number two for very long.

Jessica Bolden however seemed to jump in without missing a beat. According to law enforcement and public records she became second-in-command to Jeremy Dewitte’s company Metro-State Special Services. 

She even ran his company while Jeremy Dewitte spent 30 days in jail for violating his community control in 2019 and funeral homes were told he was out of the country.

After Jennifer and Jeremy broke up, Jessica Bolden filed two limited liability companies, one being Metro-State Services, LLC and the other Metro-State Emergency Services Unit, LLC. Both companies were effective on February 15, 2019 and both companies were put in her name. 

His wife Rania Dewitte’s name wasn’t listed anywhere on these filings. Rania Dewitte’s name doesn’t appear to be on any of Jeremy Dewitte’s business assets. 

Jeremy Dewitte reportedly dumped all of his savings into his businesses.

And yet in less than a year the companies were dissolved and practically given away by Jessica Bolden for only $50.00 after the filing fees. The reasons for dismantling the companies were also interesting.

Jessica Bolden’s e-signature was on both documents filed on the same day, but she claimed only one of her signatures was unauthorized.

Two days before these dissolutions Jeremy Dewitte was arrested a second time by Orange County Sheriff’s Office for impersonating a police officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Reportedly Jeremy Dewitte was very confident the Windermere felony case wasn’t strong enough, and in fact he wanted to file a suit against the police department. It seemed the second arrest by Orange County Sheriff’s Office caught him off-guard.

Within 48 hours of his second arrest the companies were voluntarily dissolved by Jessica Bolden. It appeared Jeremy Dewitte wasn’t the only one making fast moves. 

Meanwhile Rania Dewitte had at least one miscarriage around this time, which Jeremy Dewitte mentioned in almost all of his in-jail hearings.

Despite having a heart attack a year prior and ongoing heart and health problems according to her husband, the two were actively trying to conceive a child.

Although the stress of battling 10 felony cases would not be the ideal situation to bring a child into, it would not be the first time Rania Dewitte anchored herself to Jeremy Dewitte as he faced a strong possibility of incarceration.