The Officers

A cult, a herd, a gang, there are many ways to describe groups of people who bond over unusual beliefs or goals.

Moving in a pack can influence our behavior. A pack mentality is seen in animals, typically dogs, but it can also be seen in humans. The ability to find the courage we wouldn’t necessarily have on our own can be found when we run with others.

It would be fair to say it takes a strong personality to become a police officer. Mental agility, assertiveness, good communication and being able to remain calm in all situations are key skills found in good police officers.

It would also be fair to say it takes a peculiar type of personality to impersonate or encourage the impersonation of police officers.

When the owner of Metro-State Special Services, Jeremy Dewitte, picked certain officers as he called them to join his company it would be reasonable to believe he picked individuals who were similar in personality.

Or those who would be passive enough to accept certain personality traits.

One of those officers was Jessica Bolden. Jessica Bolden is listed as one of the owners of Metro-State’s various side jobs, in particular Metro-State Emergnecy (Ambulance) Services. According to law enforcement Jessica Bolden is also Jeremy Dewitte’s second girlfriend he found online.

Another officer was Steven. Steven had legal issues of his own when he joined Metro-State Special Services. On August 9, 2017 charges were filed against him for assault with a deadly weapon. His attorney was Benjamin Jones.

Steven had more charges filed against him in a separate case on April 4, 2018. Those charges included extortion with a weapon, grand theft and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Benjamin Jones was his attorney yet again.

Steven would later be a witness for the State against his employer Jeremy Dewitte.

Randall Allyn Brocius was a Metro-State Special Services officer who was arrested for open display of a firearm during Jeremy Dewitte’s September 2019 fiasco.

This was not Randall’s first arrest nor would it be his last.

After Jeremy Dewitte’s release from jail in the earlier part of 2019 it didn’t appear as if Metro-State Special Services had any other issues besides a legal hiccup in Chicago, Illinois which was quickly forgotten.

But Jeremy Dewitte’s Windermere arrest seemed to cause a ripple effect of problems.

Six days after meeting with Detective John Allen in Windermere, Florida a civil case was initiated against Jeremy Dewitte and Metro-State Special Services for failure to pay their rental lease.

It is interesting to note Jeremy Dewitte is also named as “Jermy Dewit” because it appears he used yet another fictitious name on the lease agreement. Jeremy Dewitte or Jermy Dewit and Metro-State Special Services were evicted from the premises. The civil case is still pending.

It is also worth noting the attorney who was hired to evict Jeremy Dewitte was the same attorney who was hired to evict Randall Brocius and his wife at the time from their rental unit in spring of 2017.

However even this wasn’t anything in comparison to what was to come in the following months for Jeremy “Jermy Dewit” Dewitte or Metro-State Special Services.