The Startup

Sometime after being released from prison Jeremy Dewitte started a small company called Metro-State Special Services. The exact date of when the business was established is still unknown.

At first glance it was a modest business that began with one or two sedans and rapidly expanded into a fleet of vehicles. Metro-State Special Services sponsored many local events including an event for Nemours Children’s Hospital.

But even with the success of the business there were still legal issues, such as the amount of tickets Jeremy Dewitte and his employees were racking up.

There was also at least one meeting with Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings about some of the actions being performed during Metro-State’s funeral escorts.

Another interesting situation that crept up was Jeremy Dewitte’s interest in having his vehicles photographed next to real police vehicles and fire trucks.

Metro-State Special Services vehicles would arrive on many scenes including accidents. The vehicles would park next to these scenes and photos would be taken by Jeremy Dewitte or another Metro-State employee.

Despite what could be described as odd but legal behavior, Metro-State Special Services continued to grow.