The Stories

Ironically when Jeremy Dewitte was arrested at the age of 18 on May 18, 1998 for impersonating a police officer while carrying an Oviedo Police Explorer badge, Jennifer, the woman he met from Ashley Madison, was attending middle school in Oviedo, Florida.

Jennifer would later state to law enforcement she joined a few dating apps because she’d had a tough breakup and she wanted a lighter relationship with zero expectations. Her relationship would not be light with Jeremy Dewitte nor would it end with his April 2018 arrest.

There were many stories Jeremy Dewitte told others in the past according to court documents.

The first story was his identity. Jeremy Dewitte told Jennifer his name was Jay Dewitt. In various statements Jennifer claimed she was immediately suspicious about the name Jay because it sounded like a nickname for a proper name.

According to her, Jeremy said his name was in fact Jay and it wasn’t a nickname. Jennifer stated she also saw multiple spellings of Jeremy Dewitte’s last name on paperwork, the aforementioned Dewitt and then Dewiit.

Jeremy attempted to change his name on September 8, 2014 with his attorney Daniel Lapina, three years after being released from prison and four years before meeting Jennifer. Judge Diana M. Tennis dismissed his 2014 attempt.

The second story was Jeremy Dewitte’s former career as an Oviedo Police Officer. In the 1998 Mobil gasoline theft and police impersonation case Mobil employee Krissandra and her supervisor K.J. assumed Jeremy was a law enforcement officer. But in the state of Florida Jeremy was ineligible to become a sworn officer because he hadn’t reached the age of 19. Because of his felony arrest he never would have been able to become a police officer in the state of Florida.

The third story was Jeremy Dewitte’s military past. In looking at court documents it appears Jeremy told Jennifer he was in the military, in Special Forces Operations and he met his wife Rania while fighting overseas and brought her back to the United States. Police investigators have repeatedly said Jeremy Dewitte was never in the military and he certainly wasn’t in Special Forces Operations.

The fourth story was his wife Rania’s medical condition. In text messages attached to court documents it appears Jeremy Dewitte told Jennifer his wife Rania was physically ill and she had a bad heart. Jeremy also appeared to bring up his wife’s illnesses when Jennifer wasn’t responding quickly enough to his messages or phone calls. In one message Jeremy Dewitte stated his wife had a heart attack and Jennifer and Jeremy begin discussing Rania’s refusal to take her medication.

The fifth story was Jeremy Dewitte’s felonious past. In an affidavit Jennifer claimed Jeremy never told her he was a felon and she never would have believed he was since he said he owned a security business and guns. At the time Jeremy Dewitte was a registered sex offender but this information was never disclosed to Jennifer according to her claims.

The final story was Jeremy Dewitte’s ability to pull motorists over and to command his employees also pull motorists over.

According to an affidavit Jennifer stated she heard Jeremy pulling people over numerous times and she had many discussions with him about it. She also claimed Jeremy reassured her it was fine with law enforcement and all of his employees were allowed to do it.