The Storm

I’m known as the biggest piece of shit in Orange County.

Jeremy Charles Dewitte

Those were the first words Jeremy Dewitte allegedly spoke to Lauren Frasure on October 1, 2019.

Lauren Frasure is a Crime Analyst employed by the State Attorney’s Office. A receptionist asked for Frasure’s help because a man was on hold and he wanted to make a complaint against Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The man on the line was Jeremy Dewitte.

After Jeremy explained he was a sex offender and after he tried to explain the series of events that led to his registration status, he then went on to say why he initially called.

Jeremy Dewitte claimed he was being harassed by Orange County Sheriff’s Office and this never occurred when Sheriff Jerry Demings was in office.

According to court documents Jeremy said this all began when John Mina, former Police Chief of Orlando Police Department, became the Sheriff of Orange County.

Jerry Demings, who is now the Mayor of Orange County, has been referenced several times by Jeremy Dewitte. Mayor Demings has never commented on the story.

Lauren Frasure said she would place Jeremy Dewitte on speakerphone and bring an investigator on the line. Gregory Vasturino is a Deputy Chief Investigator and a sworn law enforcement officer.

Jeremy told Vasturino he wanted to make a complaint against Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He immediately let Vasturino know he was a sex offender and he owned Metro-State Special Services for 10 years.

Jeremy Dewitte said he had been harassed by deputy sheriffs and his employees had been threatened with arrests. Vasturino asked if Jeremy had any open cases against him to which Jeremy Dewitte said no. 

Jeremy went on to say Sergeant Keith Vidler was the one targeting him and Jeremy Dewitte claimed OCSO was trying to shut down his business. As he often did Jeremy referenced a statute and stated what he was doing was legal.

Jeremy Dewitte also claimed on September 16, 2019, three days after his interview with Detective John Allen in Windermere, he had been struck with a vehicle driven by an off-duty deputy sheriff and threatened with arrest. Orlando Police Department responded to that call. 

Vasturino told Jeremy Dewitte to make a complaint to Internal Affairs and Jeremy claimed he had but he wasn’t happy with the resolution. Vasturino told him if there was an ongoing investigation he couldn’t speak to him.

Unbeknownst to Gregory Vasturino and Lauren Frasure the entire call was being recorded by Jeremy Dewitte.

After ending the call and without having the knowledge the entire conversation was recorded, Lauren Frasure revealed to Gregory Vasturino that Jeremy Dewitte was a defendant in Orange County case number 19-CF-012733-O and the charges were impersonating a police officer, unlawful use of a two-way communicator and resisting an officer.

Jeremy Dewitte was arrested 3 weeks after the call for another police impersonation charge.