The Witness

Jeremy Dewitte currently has 10 pending felony cases, nine in Orange County and one in Osceola County.

Steven Negron is an employee of Metro-State Special Services. He is also a witness for the State.

Before being employed with Metro-State Special Services Steven Negron worked for Great Value Inn Suites as a community security officer. Steven was also an operations manager for Freeman Security.

Steven Negron gained his training from Rene’s Security, Rieg’s Security and Firearms and an Explorer Program provided through Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He received his Florida D and G licenses and his concealed weapons permit.

On April 4, 2018 charges were filed against Steven Negron for extortion, possession of a firearm in commission of a felony and grand theft.

According to court documents on January 1, 2018 Steven Negron and two additional Metro-State employees Sean Brijmohan and Constantine Tanada, entered Royal Hookah Lounge, owned by a man named Mohammad.

Mohammad stated he knew Steven and Steven’s mother from previous visits to his lounge.

When Steven, Sean and Constantine arrived at the lounge Steven suggested all four men step outside and speak according to Mohammad. Constantine was carrying a folder and wearing a suit.

Constantine was also demanding payments for outstanding fees from Mohammad.

Mohammad claimed he was physically assaulted outside of his lounge and Constantine demanded $11,000. Constantine Tanada had a badge and claimed he was a law enforcement officer.

The men decided to go to Bank of America and ordered Mohammad to withdraw money from his account. Steven Negron stayed behind and watched over the lounge.

Mohammad was handcuffed and taken to the bank where he withdrew $1,000. When the men returned Steven Negron said, “See how we helped you?” according to Mohammad’s statements.

Mohammad told police officers he believed Steven Negron, Sean Brijmohan and Constantine Tanada were members of law enforcement. Mohammad said in his country of Syria it is common for police officers to extort citizens and he accepted the treatment he received.

After the incident Mohammad contacted Sergeant Susan Soto at Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

On January 29, 2018 Agent Alex Roman received information from a man identifying himself as “J.” The man also claimed to be the owner of Metro-State Special Services.

“J” confirmed the identities of all three men and admitted all three worked for him. At the time law enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office believed Metro-State was a private security business.

“J” turned his employees in claiming he didn’t want to be a part of the criminal investigation and he didn’t want his name released.

The charges against Steven Negron were later reduced and dropped.

According to the victim Mohammad, the men assaulted him, handcuffed him, and robbed him while pretending to be police officers.

Steven Negron is currently a witness for the State. It is unclear whether or not the event involving Mohammad will come to light during Jeremy Dewitte’s 2020 felony trials.