The Business II

Jeremy Dewitte claims Metro-State Special Services has been in operation for 10 years. In 2011 he was released from prison and he began building his funeral escort company.

According to law enforcement Jeremy Dewitte has never paid taxes for the income he received during that time. Jeremy Dewitte didn’t register Metro-State Special Services with the state of Florida until February 15, 2019.

He used the aliases Jermy Dewiit and Jermy Dweiit on the Sunbiz documents. Under his e-signature it states providing false information is a third degree felony.

On Monday, April 27, 2020 we received a screenshot from someone who claimed Jeremy Dewitte was selling Metro-State Special Services.

We also found information that afternoon from someone named Samuel Davies who said he was taking over the company.

Discussions about selling Metro-State Special Services have not occurred since 2019.

In 2019 Jeremy Dewitte sent a series of texts to his girlfriend at the time, Jennifer. In those texts Jeremy Dewitte claimed he wanted to sell his company and commit suicide if he was sent to prison.

Jeremy Dewitte was charged with a third degree felony in April 2018 when he didn’t disclose his online dating and messaging accounts. In January 2019 he was pressuring Jennifer to find a way to drop the charges or he would kill himself.

While Jeremy Dewitte was pressuring Jennifer to assist with his case and placing his suicidal thoughts on her shoulders, he was also dating Jessica Bolden who had recently used her name on Sunbiz documents for Jeremy Dewitte’s now defunct ambulance company.

Selling a business during an investigation is not new but buying a business that is under criminal investigation does not appear to be wise.

The business is taxable and Jeremy Dewitte would have to be transparent with the IRS about the amount of money he received from the transaction. According to law enforcement Jeremy Dewitte has never interacted with the IRS or paid previous taxes.

The new owners may become a target of the current investigation. Financial institutions may suspend financing the company. New transactions could be seen as aiding and abetting criminal behavior if there is any suspicion of fraud or money laundering or if Metro-State Special Services employees are allegedly impersonating police officers.

We recently spoke to Jeremy Dewitte’s ex, Jennifer, about his April 2020 arrest for the same crime he was arrested for in April 2018. We also spoke to her about the future of Metro-State Special Services. She provided us with surprising updates including information about a pending criminal investigation.

The audio will be uploaded sometime this week or early next week.