The Deadly Weapon

Jeremy was this untouchable giant for so long. Steven Casey Miller’s going to knock him down.


Jennifer is the ex girlfriend of alleged police impersonator Jeremy Dewitte and someone we spoke to extensively on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

Steven Casey Miller is the lead prosecutor in Jeremy Dewitte’s felony cases in Orange County. Merrilyn Elise Hoenemeyer is an Assistant State Attorney who is also assigned to the case.

Although most of Jeremy Dewitte’s charges involve falsely impersonating a police officer, he has also been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

On February 16, 2018 Jeremy Dewitte and five Metro-State Special Services employees conducted a funeral escort. A victim named Kevin was in a silver Nissan pick-up truck as Jeremy Dewitte directed traffic.

Kevin immediately asked Jeremy Dewitte if he was law enforcement. Dewitte responded, “Are you ok?” Kevin asked again and Jeremy Dewitte refused to answer.

Kevin stated he wasn’t stopping for Jeremy Dewitte if he wasn’t a police officer. Dewitte made several attempts to command Kevin to stop. Kevin asked for the name of the police agency Jeremy Dewitte worked for and he also asked for Dewitte to write him a ticket.

Kevin claimed as he drove away Jeremy Dewitte screamed expletives. Kevin also claimed Dewitte repeatedly placed his right hand on his handgun in a threatening manner.

In September 2019 Deputy Todd Mohney stated a black and white Chevy Tahoe was blocking the right lane with flashing amber and purple strobe lights activated. Jeremy Dewitte exited the vehicle and began to direct traffic according to an affidavit.

Deputy Mohney believed Jeremy Dewitte was a police officer because of his actions and apparel. Mohney claimed Jeremy Dewitte directed traffic with voice commands and hand signals.

Dewitte was waving motorists through the intersection and he raised his hands and commanded Deputy Mohney to stop his vehicle. Jeremy Dewitte allegedly slapped the front hood of the deputy’s truck and put his right hand on his gun holster in a threatening manner.

Deputy Mohney claimed he told Jeremy Dewitte he was a cop and told Dewitte he was breaking the law. Jeremy Dewitte responded, “It doesn’t matter get out of my escort fuck boy.” Deputy Mohney called 911 as he drove away with his wife and child in the vehicle.

Several Metro-State Special Services employees followed the deputy to Blue Jacket Park where he waited for law enforcement. Although Jeremy Dewitte was at the scene wearing a bulletproof vest, Metro-State employees refused to identify him.

Jeremy Dewitte would later admit in a September 26, 2019 interview with Orange County Sheriff’s Office that he did hit the vehicle. “I didn’t know he was a cop,” he stated. This contradicted his media interviews when he claimed Deputy Mohney tried to hit him with his vehicle.

Florida Statute 784.021 states an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon is an intentional threat with words or actions, the ability to carry out the threat, and an action that creates fear in another person who believes violence is imminent.

An example of a deadly weapon is a handgun, a vehicle, glass bottle, baseball bat, pocket knife or poison.

An authentic appearing toy gun is also considered a deadly weapon. If the toy gun appears to be a glock and if a victim believes the toy gun is real and they could be harmed if they do not cooperate, the courts would consider the toy gun a deadly weapon.

After his September 2019 Windermere arrest Officer Ogletree claimed Jeremy Dewitte was wearing a fully equipped duty belt, a baton, handcuffs, two pocket knives and a pepper spray device that resembled a handgun.

Steven Casey Miller and Merrilyn Elise Hoenemeyer would only have to prove the victims believed the weapon was a real handgun, they believed they were in danger and they feared for their safety.

With the introduction of COVID-19 there have been delays with court proceedings in Jeremy Dewitte’s felony cases. However there have also been court documents filed and court rumors discussed.

Jeremy Dewitte has never gone to trial in any of his previous criminal cases. He has always accepted a plea offer. When we asked Jennifer about a rumor of a possible plea deal she laughed and said, “Consider the source. I’ll leave it there.”

Currently Jeremy Dewitte has 10 active and open felony cases in the Ninth Judicial Circuit.

***Update: Casual Observer noticed this picture on a Jeremy Dewitte Fan Club Page on Facebook. It is a photo of Jeremy Dewitte and his wife Rania Dewitte. Despite never serving in the military Jeremy Dewitte is in full uniform with his wife. It appears the two are at a military event. It is unclear whether Jeremy Dewitte has ever received military benefits while wearing his military uniform.