The Ex

***We spoke to Jennifer after this post and this was her response.***

Jennifer is Jeremy Dewitte’s ex and the woman who turned him in to police resulting in his April 2018 arrest, an arrest that did not end the relationship.

Elizabeth is a woman who also had suspicions about her boyfriend and his truthfulness. 

Elizabeth reported her boyfriend to law enforcement multiple times. She, like Jennifer, cooperated with investigators and even supplied them with evidence.

Elizabeth felt guilty the entire time but she regularly spoke to her boyfriend, knowing he was being investigated. Elizabeth would call detectives to report her suspicions and other times she wouldn’t answer their calls or purposely miss interviews. 

When her boyfriend was convicted she repeatedly visited him and wrote to him for years. 

Elizabeth would later state, “Why did I keep trying to build the case against him?”

Elizabeth’s last name is Kloepfer and she was Ted Bundy’s girlfriend.

Jeremy Dewitte is nowhere near as prolific as Ted Bundy and Jeremy Dewitte is not a serial killer. 

However the women they dated made similar decisions.

Jennifer’s social media account is filled with photos of herself preparing for a night out or memes about her introverted personality.

She is usually with her friends or boyfriends in photos. There are no political or religious references on her account. 

There are also no references to Jeremy Dewitte. 

Jennifer has spoken to reporters and she has made social media comments on YouTube. Beyond this it seems she has separated her personal life from the case. 

However we all slip up and Jennifer slipped up twice.

In February 2020 Jeremy Dewitte turned himself in to Orange County Sheriff’s Office. There were five warrants for his arrest. He was accused of impersonating police officers and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Jeremy Dewitte was released on his own recognizance after a brief in-jail arraignment.

The YouTube channel Real World Police uploaded footage of the hearing. Deep in the comments section a user accused Jeremy Dewitte of being an addict and stated he used with him. 

An hour later Jennifer vehemently denied this claim. She and the user exchanged words and she stated Jeremy Dewitte would never use drugs.

It was strange to see because Jennifer claimed she and Jeremy hadn’t spoken since February 2019 and the ending of the relationship was rocky to say the least.

It was unclear why she defended him of all people and why the accusation of drug use was what set her off. Perhaps it was the seriousness of the claims. 

Jennifer would later tell a reporter she was made aware Jeremy would be labeled a Habitual Felony Offender. Her report to police in April 2018 as well as Jeremy Dewitte’s violation of probation plea in 2019 triggered this label.

Being an HFO could cause Jeremy Dewitte’s sentencing to be doubled. Instead of 5 years in prison he could receive a maximum of 10 years.

The timing of when she learned this information was around the same time she defended him on YouTube. 

There’s a chance Jennifer still feels tremendous guilt for reporting her boyfriend at the time, just like Elizabeth.

If Jeremy Dewitte were to go to prison for an extended period it is likely this would be crushing for someone who feels they played judge and jury and regrets it.

Of course Jeremy Dewitte made his own decisions and the charges are his own fight. The consequences for anything he allegedly did are also his to face. 

The second slip up was as recent as Monday. Jennifer had never mentioned Jeremy Dewitte on her social media account. She has never posted any passive aggressive memes about exes or her frustrations with men.

But two nights ago she posted a provocative photo we can’t share with the caption: “And tell me how you hate me, hate me, still trying to replace me” with a musical note.

Hate Me” is a song by artist Ellie Goulding. The lyrics are about an ex who has attempted to replace Ellie with a girl who doesn’t measure up to her.

Two days ago Real World Police uploaded a video of Jessica Bolden and Jeremy Dewitte from August 2018.

There’s a chance this could be a coincidence or about someone else and right now Jennifer really enjoys the song.

Elizabeth Kloepfer supported Ted Bundy throughout his trials and refused to testify against him. Jennifer spoke to Amir Ladan, Jeremy’s defense attorney, and tried to get the charges dropped against him in his April 2018 case to no avail.

Elizabeth claimed she tried many times to push Bundy away and distance herself from him. It is safe to say Jennifer also attempted to do this when she contacted the judicial assistant in February 2019 and asked for a no contact order.

Before Ted Bundy went to prison Elizabeth Kloepfer tried to contact the police and share information with them and many times she was ignored and turned away. Jennifer tried to tell police officers Jeremy Dewitte and his employees were impersonating law enforcement and she was also ignored and turned away.

Eventually the communication between Bundy and Kloepfer slowed down. After the relationship ended Elizabeth Kloepfer still refused to testify against him. 

During two recent interviews Elizabeth said:

For me I’m hoping this is the end of my participation in anything related to Ted.

Elizabeth Kloepfer

Although she recently defended Jeremy Dewitte and appeared to blame herself for his 2018 and 2019 arrests, it would be safe to say Jennifer is also waiting for the day the Jeremy Dewitte case is resolved.