The Updates IV

With a statewide stay-at-home order things have unsurprisingly stalled in Jeremy Dewitte’s 10 felony cases. However we do have a few updates.

Jeremy Dewitte’s felony police impersonation case with Metro-State Special Services employee and co-defendant Randall Brocius is still set for a jury trial on July 6, 2020.

On April 9, 2020 Judge Tanya Davis Wilson ordered a reset for Jeremy Dewitte’s pretrial conference and Trial. The Pretrial Conference is set for June 2, 2020 and the trial is set for June 15, 2020.

Judge Tanya Davis Wilson is the only judge who has filed an order regarding Jeremy Dewitte’s upcoming trial dates. She is the only judge who has required his appearance at all pretrial conferences.

We spoke to a source who is close to the case and we were told many of Jeremy Dewitte’s cases may not begin until the end of 2020. We were also told the plea deal rumor is not true.

We are also speaking to another person who had a business relationship with Jeremy Dewitte. We are in the process of interviewing this person as well.

And two days ago we updated our post after receiving a photo of Jeremy Dewitte and Rania Dewitte at what appeared to be a military function.

Jeremy Dewitte has never been in the military yet he was in full uniform at the event.