The Updates V

Jeremy Dewitte was arrested on April 13, 2020 for failing to properly register a vehicle in his wife Rania Dewitte’s name. As a sex offender Jeremy Dewitte is required to register all vehicles in his and his wife’s name.

He was released on April 14, 2020 and given a $1,500 bond.

Two weeks ago we spoke to a man who claimed to be another business partner from Jeremy Dewitte’s past. We attempted to interview the man and ultimately he decided to remain anonymous.

The man stated he met Jeremy Dewitte and Jessica Bolden in 2019. He claimed Jeremy Dewitte and Jessica Bolden were business partners but also intimate with one another in front of him.

The business partner said he saw Rania Dewitte in her vehicle several times and according to him Jeremy Dewitte was verbally abusive towards his wife. He said he asked Jeremy Dewitte to apologize to his wife.

The man claimed he was conned by Jeremy Dewitte and Jessica Bolden. He stated Jeremy Dewitte tried to take over his business within two weeks of their meeting. He said he never saw Jeremy Dewitte’s driver’s license because Dewitte told him he was a police officer and showed him his gun.

According to the ex business partner Jessica Bolden hired a crew of African-American men to clean the new location for Metro-State Special Services. The man said he mistakenly identified one of the men as Bolden’s father to Jeremy Dewitte. He claimed Dewitte turned to him and said, “That’s not her father. That’s just another n*gger.”

The source claimed he had text messages from Jeremy Dewitte. According to him Jeremy Dewitte was “an adopted son” and he trusted him enough to leave his business with Dewitte when he was on vacation.

We haven’t received any of those text messages.

In lighter news a frequent reader of this site, Casual Observer, shared some of the parody Metro-State Special Services badges he made online.