The Deadly Weapon II

On September 16, 2019 Jeremy Dewitte made a 911 phone call during a funeral procession. Dewitte stated off-duty Deputy Sheriff Todd Mohney tried to hit him with his black Dodge Ram. Jeremy Dewitte also stated Mohney was deliberately disrupting Metro-State’s procession.

Jeremy Dewitte claimed Deputy Sheriff Mohney tried to run him over while he was slamming on his brakes and cutting in and out of the funeral line.

After Jeremy Dewitte made his 911 call eight Orlando Police Department officers arrived at the scene at Blue Jacket Park. One of those officers was Officer Steven Smith.

In Officer Smith’s narrative report he said he responded to a suspicious incident call and he took statements from Deputy Sheriff Todd Mohney and Jeremy Dewitte.

Mohney claimed Dewitte was irate and made attempts to block the intersection and direct traffic. He also claimed Dewitte followed him to Blue Jacket Park. It would later be revealed Metro-State Special Services was en route to Pineywood Cemetery which was close to Blue Jacket Park.

Dewitte claimed when Mohney tried to run him over with his truck, Dewitte hit the hood of the vehicle to stop the deputy sheriff from running over him. The two exchanged words according to Jeremy Dewitte and Deputy Sheriff Mohney drove away.

While Dewitte and Mohney were giving their statements, Sergeant Keith Vidler arrived at the scene. Sergeant Vidler is employed with Orange County Sheriff’s Office but he was called to the scene which was in Orlando Police Department’s jurisdiction.

The only arrest made that day was the arrest of Randall Brocius for openly carrying a firearm. Brocius accepted a plea deal for that charge. He still faces a felony charge of impersonating a police officer in his co-defendant case with Jeremy Dewitte.

On October 30, 2019 Jeremy Dewitte was arrested for the second time for falsely impersonating a police officer.

When Sergeant Keith Vidler arrived on the scene on September 16, 2019 he claimed he needed to investigate the situation. On September 19, 2019 Vidler received two witness statements from Deputy Sheriff Todd Mohney and his wife, Kristin Mohney at Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Todd and Kristin Mohney said on September 16, 2019 they saw a motorcyclist who resembled a police officer because of the colors on the motorcycle, the way the motorcyclist was dressed and how he was acting. The person was later identified as Randall Brocius.

The Mohney family claimed Jeremy Dewitte confronted them and exited his vehicle and blocked the right lane while he was flashing his amber and purple lights.

Todd and Kristin said Jeremy Dewitte yelled at the two. They claimed Dewitte put his right hand on his gun-belt in a threatening way. This wasn’t documented in Officer Steven Smith’s narrative report on September 16, 2019 after he spoke to the witnesses at the scene.

Although Jeremy Dewitte stated in the 911 call that he and his employees were going to pass by Blue Jacket Park to arrive at Pineywood Cemetery, Sergeant Keith Vidler claimed in his affidavit that Metro-State vehicles began following Deputy Sheriff Mohney and his wife to Blue Jacket Park.

On January 29, 2020 the State Attorney’s Office officially filed charges against Jeremy Dewitte, adding two more third degree felony charges to his case: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The incident involving Deputy Sheriff Todd Mohney is one of the first trials Jeremy Dewitte is scheduled to attend later this year, September 14, 2020. However because of COVID-19 it is unclear if there will be a trial in 2020 for any of Jeremy Dewitte’s open felony cases.

***We received a video of Jeremy Dewitte’s encounter with Sergeant Keith Vidler on March 14, 2020. Sergeant Vidler stopped Jeremy Dewitte and ticketed him for misrepresenting his vehicle insurance and for displaying prohibited red and blue lights according to the officer.

Although it is not seen on the video, Metro-State’s Alec Ringdahl received the same tickets. However his traffic tickets were later dismissed by Sergeant Keith Vidler. Jeremy Dewitte’s tickets were not dismissed. Dewitte has an upcoming criminal traffic court date for allegedly misrepresenting his insurance which is a first degree misdemeanor in the state of Florida.

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