The Hit-and-Run

***Never-before-seen footage is at the end of the post.***

On July 27, 2017 a man named Jerome was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery against Metro-State Special Services employee and Jeremy Dewitte’s half-brother, Dylan Vogt.

Winter Park Police Officer Joshua Larson responded to Chase Bank on 608 North Orlando Avenue in reference to a hit-and-run.

Larson reviewed the body camera Dylan Vogt was wearing while he was conducting a funeral escort from Ivanhoe Baldwin Fairchild Funeral Home to Glen Haven Memorial Park.

Vogt stated he was in front of the lead vehicle waiting at the red light of Minnesota Avenue and Orlando Avenue. When the light turned green Vogt said he entered the intersection and dismounted his motorcycle to direct traffic.

Vogt said he saw a black SUV traveling northbound in the lane next to the funeral procession and he attempted to get the attention of the driver by raising his hand to get him to stop.

Vogt raised both hands and yelled, “Stop your vehicle!” Vogt claimed the driver didn’t come to a complete stop and the driver began moving his vehicle into Vogt’s legs. Dylan Vogt hit the hood of the car and the driver accelerated his vehicle, pushing Vogt further back.

Vogt claimed he stepped to the side of the vehicle, fearing the driver was going to run him over. The driver proceeded forward and rolled down his front passenger side window and stated Vogt didn’t have the right to hold the intersection.

In the arrest affidavit Officer Larson stated he reviewed the body camera video and the video showed Vogt trying to stop the vehicle numerous times while the driver continued to move the SUV in Dylan Vogt’s direction and eventually come into contact with Vogt.

Officer Larson stated, “I have probable cause that Jerome committed the act of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery by actively maneuvering his vehicle in the direction of Dylan Vogt and even making contact with Vogt with the vehicle.”

Jerome was placed under arrest and transported to Winter Park Police Department.

The charges against Jerome were dropped and his criminal record was expunged. Dylan Vogt filed a civil suit against Jerome on March 23, 2018. Jerome countersued on June 7, 2019. The civil case is still pending.

Nearly a month after Jeremy Dewitte’s third police impersonation arrest, Sergeant Keith Vidler of Orange County Sheriff’s Office claimed he received a phone call on December 11, 2019 from Officer Joshua Larson who was currently employed with Orlando Police Department.

Vidler stated Officer Larson claimed during that time his agency failed to investigate the legitimacy of Metro-State Special Services.

Sergeant Vidler said Officer Larson wasn’t aware Metro-State Special Services wasn’t law enforcement and Larson believed Vogt and Dewitte were police officers because of their uniforms and decals. Vidler told Larson he had requested to meet with Jerome prior to December 11, 2019 because he was conducting an investigation about the 2017 arrest.

Vidler claimed Jerome’s civil attorney, Scott Rost and his private investigator, Billy Lane, contacted him on November 22, 2019. Rost and Lane said they watched the news stories of Jeremy Dewitte’s arrests and believed Jerome was a victim of Metro-State Special Services.

Scott Rost handed Sergeant Vidler the Winter Park Police Department charging affidavit and the court case number.

On December 5, 2019 Sergeant Vidler and Corporal John Ramsey met with Scott Rost and Jerome at Rost’s office. Scott Rost gave Vidler a copy of Dylan’s body camera video and pictures taken by Jerome of Jeremy Dewitte.

Jerome made a recorded statement to the Orange County deputy sheriffs:

  • Jerome claimed he was traveling back to his office when a police officer on a motorcycle stopped him.
  • Jerome stated he was redirected several times when he approached the motorcycle and Dylan Vogt was erratic, hit his vehicle and yelled at him.
  • He claimed he was scared during the encounter and drove away to get out of the situation.
  • Jerome claimed when he drove away from Vogt, Jeremy Dewitte cornered him and began cursing and yelling claiming he was a law enforcement officer and Dylan Vogt followed him.
  • Jerome said Vogt was hostile and Jerome claimed he stopped his vehicle in front of Vogt because he thought he was a police officer and he had the authority to stop him.
  • Jerome stated Vogt began yelling and striking his vehicle with a closed fist and that was when he realized Vogt may not be a real police officer.
  • Jerome said he believed Dylan Vogt and Jeremy Dewitte were real police officers because of their uniforms, helmets, microphones, badges, belts and guns.
  • Jerome showed Vidler pictures of Jeremy Dewitte on the driver’s side of his vehicle and stated he took the pictures as Dewitte approached and threatened him.

Sergeant Keith Vidler completed an affidavit form and in the affidavit he stated:

  • He saw Dylan Vogt dismount his vehicle on his body camera video and Vogt directed traffic with hand motions and verbal commands.
  • Vidler claimed Vogt ordered Jerome to stop his vehicle six times.
  • Vidler claimed Jerome came to a complete stop and Vogt proceeded to pound on the hood of Jerome’s vehicle.
  • Vidler said Vogt moved to the passenger side of the Range Rover and slapped the passenger side mirror with his right hand.
  • Vidler claimed, “Vogt is clearly the aggressor and attacks Jerome’s stopped vehicle with a closed fist.”
  • Vidler stated Dylan Vogt was acting outside of the scope of his profession and he was impersonating a police officer.

Dylan Vogt was charged with falsely personating an officer and criminal mischief. Jeremy Dewitte was charged with falsely personating an officer.

On February 12, 2020 warrants were issued for Jeremy Dewitte and Dylan Vogt.

Last week we spoke to Jeremy Dewitte’s ex, Jennifer, who claimed she gave someone from the other side information about the investigation. This audio will be uploaded soon. During that time she claimed she also received information from an anonymous source. One of those items was a video.

“Because of my personal relationships I’m closer to this case than any of the others and for months I was told a different story about what happened with Dylan and Jerome,” she said. “I made up my mind and it’s hard to get me to change my mind but I think people need to see this video.”

This is the video Jennifer shared. It is a raw video of Dylan Vogt’s body camera footage of his encounter with Jerome. It was recorded on a screen by a Winter Park police officer who can be seen on the screen at times.

After reviewing the video of Dylan Vogt and Jerome’s encounter this is what we observed in the video:

  • Dylan Vogt dismounted his motorcycle.
  • Jeremy Dewitte rode by on his motorcycle with the funeral procession.
  • Moments later a black Range Rover approaches.
  • The driver of the black Range Rover turned on his hazard lights and attempted to join the funeral procession. Drivers are prohibited from driving between vehicles in the procession if their headlights are on, unless directed by a police officer.
  • Vogt held up his hand, commanded Henin to stop and said, “Whoa, hey, hey, hey!”
  • Jerome moved into the left lane and towards Vogt who said, “Stop your car.” He repeated himself as the SUV continued to move towards him.
  • Vogt said, “You’re committing assault right now. Stop your car.”
  • The Range Rover moved forward and never stopped.
  • Dylan Vogt said, “Hey!” The driver of the SUV continued to move forward and appeared to be pushing Vogt backwards.
  • Vogt knocked on the hood of the car with his knuckles.
  • The vehicle kept moving forward, pushing Vogt backwards.
  • Dylan Vogt hit the hood of the car with his fist as he yelled, “Hey!”
  • The vehicle never stopped as Vogt moved to the passenger side of the Range Rover and hit the passenger side mirror.
  • Jerome rolled down his passenger side window and said he was calling the police. It was the first time Jerome appeared to reach for his cell phone. Dylan Vogt told him to stop his vehicle.
  • Jerome stated, “You don’t have the right to block the streets.”
  • Vogt stated, “You don’t have the right to hit me with your vehicle.”
  • Jerome stated, “Give me your card right now.” He dials a number on his phone.
  • Vogt said, “You don’t have the right to touch me with your car.”
  • Vogt moved to the side and Jerome drove away.
  • Vogt read Jerome’s vanity plate to someone. He told the person, “Range Rover, pulling up on you.”
  • Vogt mounted his motorcycle.

Dylan Vogt’s next court date is a trial management conference on September 9, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. and a pre-trial conference on October 6, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Jeremy Dewitte’s next court date is a pre-trial conference on September 1, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. and a trial set for September 14, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.