The Transcript

On June 18, 2009 Jeremy Dewitte went before Judge Julie O’Kane after violating his sex offender probation. On January 10, 2005 a warrant was issued for Jeremy Dewitte’s arrest. He was charged with two counts of lewd or lascivious battery on a minor between the ages of 12 and 15.

Dewitte later pled to one of the two charges. A stipulated downward departure was granted by the judge and Jeremy Dewitte was given a lesser sentence of five years probation. The alleged victim in Orange County case number, Noemi Luis, and her parents asked for the downward departure and indicated they did not want Jeremy Dewitte to serve a long prison sentence.

During his violation of probation hearing Jeremy Dewitte admitted he violated his sex offender probation. His defense attorney Eric Dubois and the state prosecutor Nicole Pegues agreed on another downward departure at the request of the Luis family.

Jeremy Dewitte was sentenced to four years in prison instead of the eight years he was originally facing.

YouTube channel Real World Police recently spoke to Noemi Luis about her relationship with Jeremy Dewitte. Despite the fact that Real World Police adamantly denied Jeremy Dewitte raped Noemi Luis, Luis agreed to the interview.

Noemi Luis also changed her story about her relationship with Jeremy Dewitte and claimed it was not consensual. However court documents show she did believe it was consensual and she was against any prison time for Jeremy Dewitte.

The video was released to Patreon members and it was also accidentally leaked to the public. A source sent us an email about the video.

Jeremy Dewitte’s ex, Jennifer was also mentioned in the video and she sent an email to Corporal John Ramsey, Sergeant Keith Vidler, Undersheriff Mark Canty and Sheriff John Mina.

Jennifer also claimed she recently met with Detective John Allen in Windermere regarding Jeremy Dewitte’s helmet cam footage from the day of his arrest in September 2019.

“They say it’s missing. I was told it’s as if he never turned it on that day. But there’s more to that story,” she laughed. “As far as everything else, it will all come out. The people who think they can hide won’t be able to for very long. There are private investigators watching certain people.”

Jennifer chose to hold some of her comments about Real World Police. “I’ll wait like I always do. I think I know who they spoke to and I thought he was dead because he’s an alcoholic. I was 21 and he was 50 at the time. You do the math and you tell me if that was an equal situation.”

As far as the Orange County Sheriff’s Office she had this to say, “I emailed them and someone tried to hack into my email five hours later. Keith Vidler calls someone I know while he’s drinking at night and he talks about Jeremy all night long. That’s what I was told. It could be a lie. So I’ll just say allegedly. John Ramsey told Rania Dewitte that me and Jeremy were getting a marriage license too. I guess that’s what the police tell everyone. It never happened.”

We received photos and video which we will share at a later date about the arrest in Windermere.