The Hit-and-Run II

On July 14, 2020 at 3:11 p.m. Officer Joshua Larson was video recorded during a deposition for a civil case involving a man named Jerome, Dylan Vogt and Metro-State Special Services.

Officer Larson was the police officer who arrested Jerome on July 27, 2017 after a 911 call was made by Metro-State Special Services employees. In the call the employees claimed Dylan Vogt, Jeremy Dewitte’s brother, was struck by Jerome’s Range Rover during a funeral procession.

Jerome was charged with battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The charges were later dropped and Jerome’s record with the State Attorney’s Office as well as his record with Winter Park Police Department was expunged.

In 2018 Dylan Vogt filed a lawsuit against Jerome. Jerome countersued Dylan Vogt, Metro-State Special Services and Baldwin Fairchild Funeral Home for damages.

In February 2020 Dylan Vogt and Jeremy Dewitte were charged with impersonating a police officer for the 2017 encounter with Jerome. Vogt was given an additional charge of criminal mischief for allegedly damaging Jerome’s vehicle.

A video was provided of the incident between Jerome and Dylan Vogt.

During his deposition Officer Joshua Larson stated he was a fairly new patrol officer at the time of Jerome’s arrest. Larson said he had never seen a funeral procession while on patrol before July 27, 2017.

Michael Brehne, Dylan Vogt’s attorney, asked Larson about his training and his familiarity with the crime of aggravated assault.

Officer Larson claimed when he arrived at the scene Dylan Vogt showed him a video of the incident. Larson was asked if he noticed Dylan manipulating the video and if he believed the video could have been edited.

Officer Larson said the video showed Vogt trying to stop the vehicle numerous times and the vehicle continued to move towards Vogt. Dylan Vogt filled out a sworn statement and Winter Park Police Department found Jerome’s Range Rover at his place of business.

He was later identified by Dylan Vogt as the man who committed the crime.

Jerome was taken to the Winter Park police station and placed in a holding cell. Larson stated there was never a point when he considered charges against Dylan Vogt.

Officer Larson was asked if he had ever contacted anyone from Orange County Sheriff’s Office about the 2017 case. Michael Brehne read Sergeant Keith Vidler’s report which stated that on December 11, 2019 Officer Larson called Vidler about the investigation. Larson said he didn’t recall making any calls to anyone from Orange County Sheriff’s Office, he may have returned a call however he couldn’t remember Sergeant Keith Vidler or Corporal John Ramsey’s names.

When asked about whether he believed Metro-State Special Services had the right to direct traffic Officer Larson said he did believe the company could direct traffic. But he was unsure after his phone call with Sergeant Keith Vidler. Officer Larson stated Vidler’s interpretation of the law confused him.

Attorney Michael Brehne asked Officer Joshua Larson if the same incident occurred while he was directing traffic would he be authorized to use deadly force to stop Jerome’s vehicle. Officer Larson replied, “Yes.”

Attorney William Ruffier cross examined Officer Larson with follow-up questions. Ruffier asked Larson if citizens could stop and direct traffic. Officer Larson stated Dylan Vogt could block the intersection in order to make sure those who were not in the funeral procession could not merge into it.

William Ruffier asked Officer Larson if Metro-State employees were allowed to have flashing red lights. After an objection from Michael Brehne, Officer Larson stated he didn’t believe Dylan Vogt had red or blue lights and he didn’t see any lights flashing.

Ruffier asked Larson if he saw any bruising on Dylan Vogt’s body and Larson said he did not.

Officer Larson was asked several times about Dylan Vogt’s rights while the funeral procession was occurring.

Jerome’s second attorney, Stephanie Pillar, attempted to cross examine Officer Joshua Larson but after a heated discussion between Pillar and opposing attorney Michael Brehne, the deposition was terminated.

On July 16, 2020 Stephanie Pillar filed a motion to compel deposition and a motion for sanctions against Michael Brehne. Pillar also filed the transcript of the deposition.

The 26-page transcript is available for download.

On December 5, 2019 Corporal John Ramsey and Sergeant Keith Vidler interviewed Jerome in his third attorney’s office. Attorney Scott Rost was present during the interview.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Dewitte’s ex, Jennifer has made public records requests after seeing the video of Dylan Vogt and Jerome.

“I was told Jerome’s wife and his manager were calling their lawyers when he went back to the office. They were telling the lawyers to hurry up and get over there because Jerome was going to be arrested. The state is offering Dylan these probation deals because he doesn’t have points to go to prison. They want him to testify against Jeremy.”

“The public records have been interesting,” she said. “It’s very interesting hearing what people say behind your back. It’s clear to me Ramsey underestimated me. He thought he was going to be able to tell my story and I was just going to fade away. I was never going to let that happen.”

“He said I sent him emails and he was just so confused about it. He didn’t know why. Well when someone tells you to email them you sort of do it. He wanted to know everything about Jeremy even his favorite sexual positions. He said he wanted to know his whole life,” Jennifer continued. “Then he told people he didn’t know why I wanted to speak to him. I didn’t want to talk to him. I wanted to talk to Detective Allen. Ramsey called me and almost made me pinky promise to come in and talk to him. But he changed his story for the audience. I didn’t know he was a regular dumbass.”

“They wanted me to be the villain and the mean girl. Jessica Bolden tried to run over Rania Dewitte with her truck but I’m the villain. I’ve never tried to kill another person and I’ve never destroyed someone’s property and left dents in their vehicle. Jessica Bolden does those things. It’s finally coming out but the sheriff’s office tried to hide it.”

“I don’t know why she did that to Rania. I’m sure it was jealousy. When I spoke to her on the phone she talked to me like she was a 10. But I saw the Tampa video and I saw someone who was barely a 5.”

“Those old friendships and relationships are irrelevant. Dead and gone. So much has changed,” she said.

“I knew there was something going on with the public records because I was requesting them with a few other people and we weren’t receiving the same things that are online. I didn’t want to give the police departments any wiggle room and blame someone who didn’t properly redact.”

She went on to say, “I wanted to put them in a corner that was so tight they couldn’t move and that is why I requested the Seminole Power Sports call. Ramsey and Vidler wanted to be the stars and I wanted to make sure I kept that light on them.”

Jeremy Dewitte’s next criminal court date is September 1, 2020 for a pre-trial hearing and his trial date is still set for September 14, 2020.