The Witness III

Steven Negron is a former Metro-State Special Services employee and witness for the State of Florida in Jeremy Dewitte’s felony police impersonation cases.

Before working for Metro-State Special Services, Steven Negron was a community security officer for Great Value Suites and an operations manager for Freeman Security.

On April 4, 2018 charges were filed against Negron for extortion, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and grand theft.

Steven Negron and two Metro-State employees named Sean Brijmohan and Constantine Tanada were charged for allegedly assaulting and forcing a hookah bar owner to withdraw $1,000 in cash from an ATM. The bar owner claimed Constantine Tanada had a badge and stated he was a law enforcement officer.

A witness named “J” who was later identified as Jeremy Dewitte spoke to Agent Alex Roman and confirmed the men worked for him. After Dewitte spoke to Agent Roman the charges were later reduced and dropped against Steven Negron.

In 2020 Sean Brijmohan left a comment on a YouTube channel claiming Negron was still working for Metro-State Special Services but he had become a witness for the State to save himself.

Prior to his 2018 charges, Steven Negron was also arrested and charged in 2017 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Negron was accused of pointing his loaded gun at a man named Romello Moore at Great Value Suites in Orlando, Florida.

On August 19, 2016 Steven Negron met Leo Guzman, the property manager of Great Value Suites, at the front desk. According to court documents Negron and Guzman were friends and former coworkers.

While Steven Negron and Leo Guzman sat in the security office two men named Shawn Roderick and Romello Moore walked in. Negron recognized Roderick because he used to be Roderick’s supervisor. Negron did not recognize Moore.

But Romello Moore remembered Steven Negron.

Moore allegedly became offended and reminded Negron that he used to live at the hotel with his family until Negron had his family kicked out. Orange County Sheriff’s Office was called during the incident and the Moore family received a Trespass Warning.

Romello Moore was working as a security officer at the hotel unbeknownst to Steven Negron. According to Negron words were exchanged and while Negron was walking to his vehicle Moore followed and approached him.

Steven Negron claimed he was in fear because of Romello Moore’s build and boxing career.

Negron drew his weapon but said he never pointed the gun at Moore.

Romello Moore walked away but still chose to exchange words according to Steven Negron. Negron stated he was going to contact Orange County Sheriff’s Office but Leo Guzman talked him out of it.

Moore did contact law enforcement and Negron was arrested.

Shawn Roderick wrote a witness statement and said Romello Moore moved towards Steven and Steven pulled a semi-automatic pistol. Roderick claimed he also feared Steven and he was in fear for his life.

The charge was later dropped against Steven Negron.

Victor Modesto Lopez is another witness for the State and a former Metro-State Special Services employee.

In August 2014 Victor Lopez was arrested and charged with grand theft by fraud. According to court documents RaceTrac operations supervisor Wendell Crawford noticed a high number of refunds through RaceTrac’s manual refund report.

Crawford forwarded the information to Alexis Rivera who was the store manager. Rivera believed Victor Lopez was conducting the majority of the refunds for large quantities of 5 Hour Engery drinks, usually between 30 to 60 items.

On August 24, 2014 Wendell Crawford investigated the refunds and confirmed that Lopez conducted the refunds. Crawford also reviewed surveillance video and he claims he saw Victor Lopez keying in refunds and setting money aside that he would then place in his left pants pocket.

Lopez admitted what he had done and said he did it “for fun.” He admitted to stealing $2,700 in six days. Victor Lopez had only been working at RaceTrac for 5 weeks. He claimed some of the money was spent on a watch, movies and food for the homeless.

During the investigation Lopez provided the wrong home address. Officer Patricia Martins knocked on a door next to the address Lopez had given and a woman named Neshmayda Ventin opened the door.

Ventin confirmed Victor Lopez lived there and she said he was her son. Ventin stated she was going to contact law enforcement herself and she was going to contact Lopez’s probation officer.

Victor Lopez was on probation after he was arrested and charged in juvenile court for burglarizing a dwelling in 2013 when he was 17 years old.

After Officer Patricia Martins arrested Lopez and placed him in her patrol car, she claimed Lopez said he was planning to turn himself in and he wanted to be a police officer but he knew the arrest would make him ineligible.

Lopez entered a plea and began probation on June 26, 2015 for 18 months. He was also ordered to complete Impulse Control Class and pay back the $2,700 he took from RaceTrac. His probation ended on November 28, 2016.

According to a source Victor Lopez began stealing lights and equipment from Metro-State Special Services and when confronted he would remove surveillance cameras from the office location.

Recently someone with the online moniker victolooe in Orlando, Florida has been selling lights and police style equipment on eBay. The seller has been accused of being dishonest with buyers.

Victor Lopez has also been accused of breaking into a Metro-State employee’s home and stealing $600 in cash from her mother. The employee, Starr, never pressed charges against Lopez. Her mother asked Starr to leave her home after the burglary.

After Jeremy Dewitte’s felony police impersonation arrests, longtime friends Victor Lopez and Steven Negron began working with Orange County Sheriff’s Office against Dewitte. Randall Brocius, Jeremy Dewitte’s co-defendant and Metro-State employee, told Dewitte that Negron and Lopez asked him to begin to turn against Dewitte.

Allegedly Sergeant Keith Vidler offered Steven Negron a security position at PCI Security, he offered Victor Lopez a position at UPS and he offered Starr assistance to get into a fire academy.

A man named Ja’Tavius Williams was hired by Metro-State Special Services in February 2020.

During this time someone was creating multiple Facebook pages with claims they represented Metro-State Special Services. From April 2020 until Saturday, August 29, 2020 no one from Metro-State knew who the person was.

According to Jeremy Dewitte’s ex, Jennifer and another source, the identity of the person was revealed on Saturday evening.

“I heard about it on Saturday but I didn’t know anything about it before that day.”

The person left several comments on their webpage.

The mystery person uploaded a video of a funeral escort which was deleted on Saturday.

Jennifer said, “They found out it was someone named Tolls was what I heard. I think someone called the number on the page and it went to voicemail and it was his real number. The number on the page is a Google Voice number.”

According to a source, harassment and attempts to infiltrate the company have been tested. “We receive harassing calls all the time. People don’t have lives and waste our time.”

According to Metro-State Special Services, Tolls is no longer with the company.

In today’s video Steven Negron is recording Jeremy Dewitte as he speaks to him in December 2019 about Victor “Photo” Lopez’s decision to share damning evidence with Osceola County Sheriff’s Office and Orange County Sheriff’s Office. It should be noted that Steven Negron was also working with Orange County Sheriff’s Office during this time.