The Extortion

October 16, 2020 8:05 AM EST

On July 9, 2011 a woman named Carrie contacted Orlando Police Department and claimed her son, Alec Ringdahl, refused to leave her residence. Alec Ringdahl is a former Metro-State Special Services contractor.

Carrie told the police officers Alec Ringdahl lived in the apartment for several months without her permission. She initially agreed to allow him to stay in her home under the condition he obtained his GED, worked a full-time job and contributed towards the bills.

However, according to Carrie, Ringdahl “never paid one dollar” and Ringdahl told her she would have to evict him because he knew his rights. Carrie also claimed Alec Ringdahl’s father had a history of repeat evictions and taught him how to work the system.

Carrie said she feared for her safety and the safety of her 8 year old child at the time, and she left her home with her child to get away from Alec Ringdahl. At one point Carrie returned to pick up some clothing and locked the door behind her. Allegedly Ringdahl called Carrie and threatened to kick the door in if she didn’t return to the apartment and unlock the door.

According to the police report Alec Ringdahl also threatened to use pepper spray on his mother and her friend. Carrie claimed her son was obsessed with weapons and he wore a bulletproof vest everyday.

When the officers arrived at the apartment they noticed several dents in the front door. Carrie stated the dents weren’t there earlier and she showed the officers a text from Alec Ringdahl saying she wouldn’t receive her security deposit back. Ringdahl was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

Alec Ringdahl was recently evicted from his Winter Park apartment. Jeremy Dewitte allowed Ringdahl to temporarily stay in his commercial office location.

During his stay at Metro-State’s office Alec Ringdahl allegedly made several statements about the wealth of his family and his connections with Orange County Sheriff’s Office, particularly Sergeant Keith Vidler. Despite his wealth and his connections Ringdahl refused to leave and remained in the office while sleeping on an air mattress.

Alec Ringdahl’s personal vehicle was repossessed and Jeremy Dewitte allowed him to use his Metro-State Special Services vehicles for free. After Ringdahl was fired from Metro-State he no longer had permission to drive any of Metro-State’s vehicles. Allegedly Ringdahl and another former employee named Starr Yoculan, used Dewitte’s truck to move several items into Ringdahl’s storage unit.

Prior to the incident Jeremy Dewitte and Alec Ringdahl discussed a business plan Ringdahl wanted to execute. Alec Ringdahl had a desire to start his own funeral escort company and eventually his own security company despite losing his security licenses because of his criminal record. Ringdahl asked Dewitte to sign a contract with the funeral escort company which would allow Ringdahl to have several Metro-State vehicles to begin his company.

Alec Ringdahl refused to buy Jeremy Dewitte’s vehicles or purchase his own vehicles and he refused to invest his own money into his business. Jeremy Dewitte declined the offer.

After he was fired Ringdahl allegedly demanded a $2,000 check to pack his items and leave the commercial building peacefully. He also claimed he would become ambiguous and change his testimony in Jeremy Dewitte’s favor if he was subpoenaed as a witness, but only if he received $2,000 from Jeremy Dewitte.

In today’s video Jeremy Dewitte and Alec Ringdahl discussed the use of Dewitte’s truck, the failed business plan and the $2,000 check, while other contractors walked in and out of the office.

A call between a current Metro-State Special Services contractor and Jeremy Dewitte was captured in the video. During the call the possibility of traffic tickets being dismissed in exchange for leaving Metro-State Special Services was discussed. Earlier this year Sergeant Keith Vidler voluntarily dismissed traffic tickets for Alec Ringdahl and Starr Yoculan.