The Traffic Stop

On September 7, 2019 Jeremy Dewitte was arrested in Windermere, Florida for allegedly impersonating a police officer.

The arresting officer was Jerrell Ogletree and his supervisor was Sergeant Mark DeStefano. In his report Officer Ogletree said he observed a black and gray motorcycle with multicolored lights, air horn and sirens activated during a funeral procession.

Ogletree stated the motorcycle passed his patrol vehicle and passed over a double yellow line while traveling in the same lane as the vehicle in the procession.

Officer Ogletree activated his emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop at McKinnon Road and Lake Butler Boulevard.

While conducting the traffic stop Jeremy Dewitte’s Florida tag came back as a HIT for a stolen vehicle. Dewitte was placed in handcuffs and detained during the investigation.

Ogletree said Jeremy Dewitte had to be redirected several times during the search and Dewitte used his communication device that was attached to his helmet to yell for backup.

Jeremy Dewitte was disarmed and placed in the back of Ogletree’s patrol vehicle. In his report Officer Ogletree claimed Dewitte was wearing apparel and gear similar to law enforcement.

Sergeant DeStefano said he believed Jeremy Dewitte was a member of law enforcement as he approached him and he saw the lights on the motorcycle were flashing.

DeStefano claimed he was familiar with Jeremy Dewitte and saw him blocking the intersection. Sergeant DeStefano gave Winter Garden Police Department Dewitte’s Florida tag number and Winter Garden Police dispatch advised the motorcycle was stolen out of Orlando Police Department.

DeStefano said after he secured Jeremy Dewitte, Dewitte yelled and pulled away from him. The motorcycle was found not to be stolen and properly registered to Metro-State Special Services and Jeremy Dewitte.

Sergeant Mark DeStefano felt Jeremy Dewitte was presenting himself as a law enforcement officer.

DeStefano provided a supplemental report two days after the arrest at 2:01 AM.

In the report Sergeant DeStefano stated he observed flashing lights on Jeremy Dewitte’s motorcycle. For the first time he said he could hear the sound of an air horn. Mark DeStefano claimed he visually estimated the speed of the motorcycle and he believed Dewitte was traveling at 70-80 mph.

DeStefano said he was radar certified and had been since 1982.

Officer Jerrell Ogletree also provided a supplemental report to add more details after he reviewed body worn camera footage and footage from surveillance cameras.

Ogletree emphasized Jeremy Dewitte’s use of police codes and Florida statutes.

Officer Jeffrey Czwornog, Officer Ryan Miller and Trainee Officer Tuck were at the scene as well.

Both Czwornog and Miller claimed they mistakenly believed Metro-State Special Services was Ocoee Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol when they first arrived for back up.

Officer Czwornog stated there were several Metro-State vehicles on scene and he was advised by Sergeant DeStefano to ask the Metro-State employees to leave the scene.

Czwornog said Dewitte was “in handcuffs and irate.” According to Officer Czwornog, Jeremy Dewitte stated he was recording the events.

Czwornog verified Jeremy Dewitte’s motorcycle VIN and provided the information to dispatch who then verified it was a Kawasaki motorcycle registered to Metro-State Special Services and Jeremy Dewitte.

Officer Czwornog said he spoke to Dewitte and told him he was being arrested for resisting. Officer Czwornog also claimed a tow truck driver from Car Store Towing Company thought Dewitte’s motorcycle was a police motorcycle. The tow truck driver allegedly said if he saw the vehicle on the road with its lights on he would, “Get out of the way.”

Neither incident was shown in body worn camera footage.

When Officer Ryan Miller arrived he advised Officer Jerrell Ogletree to place Jeremy Dewitte into his patrol vehicle after Dewitte “began to yell and became irate.”

Officer Miller stated he noticed Dewitte was wearing apparel and equipment similar to law enforcement.

Jeremy Dewitte was charged with resisting arrest without violence, unlawful use of a two-way communication device and falsely impersonating a police officer.

Assistant State Attorney Steven Casey Miller later dropped the unlawful use of a two-way communication device charge and added one reckless driving charge.

During the September 7, 2019 incident former Metro-State Special Services employee Steven Negron recorded the beginning of the encounter with Windermere Police Department with his dash camera.

In the video below Steven Negron is driving a vehicle during the procession. Jeremy Dewitte can be seen in the video on a motorcycle, as well as Sergeant Mark DeStefano in his patrol vehicle. Jeremy Dewitte also made a jail call to Steven Negron after the arrest.

We had a chance to speak to someone from Metro-State Special Services. The person wanted to speak about those who turned on the company, those who stayed with the company and those who are helping the company. The person chose to remain anonymous.

We’ve been followed by helicopters. That’s confirmed by Orange County Sheriff’s Office. We have been under surveillance.
A lot of what’s being said and seen is taken out of context. We don’t watch the videos. Someone was hired to watch them for us. When the deputy sheriffs and detectives are asking you questions they aren’t asking you the same things on the tape and off the tape. They’re talking to you and getting you mad off the tape and telling you what someone said but it’s a lie. They just want you mad. Then they hit record and you’re saying things you don’t mean because you’re upset. The cops did this with everybody and the people who weren’t strong enough flipped. We compared notes and it was just a bunch of lies to get us to hate each other. There were apologies and we moved on.

Metro-State Special Services

We will upload interviews with some of the employees from Metro-State Special Services at a later date.

The Hit-and-Run II

On July 14, 2020 at 3:11 p.m. Officer Joshua Larson was video recorded during a deposition for a civil case involving a man named Jerome, Dylan Vogt and Metro-State Special Services.

Officer Larson was the police officer who arrested Jerome on July 27, 2017 after a 911 call was made by Metro-State Special Services employees. In the call the employees claimed Dylan Vogt, Jeremy Dewitte’s brother, was struck by Jerome’s Range Rover during a funeral procession.

Jerome was charged with battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The charges were later dropped and Jerome’s record with the State Attorney’s Office as well as his record with Winter Park Police Department was expunged.

In 2018 Dylan Vogt filed a lawsuit against Jerome. Jerome countersued Dylan Vogt, Metro-State Special Services and Baldwin Fairchild Funeral Home for damages.

In February 2020 Dylan Vogt and Jeremy Dewitte were charged with impersonating a police officer for the 2017 encounter with Jerome. Vogt was given an additional charge of criminal mischief for allegedly damaging Jerome’s vehicle.

A video was provided of the incident between Jerome and Dylan Vogt.

During his deposition Officer Joshua Larson stated he was a fairly new patrol officer at the time of Jerome’s arrest. Larson said he had never seen a funeral procession while on patrol before July 27, 2017.

Michael Brehne, Dylan Vogt’s attorney, asked Larson about his training and his familiarity with the crime of aggravated assault.

Officer Larson claimed when he arrived at the scene Dylan Vogt showed him a video of the incident. Larson was asked if he noticed Dylan manipulating the video and if he believed the video could have been edited.

Officer Larson said the video showed Vogt trying to stop the vehicle numerous times and the vehicle continued to move towards Vogt. Dylan Vogt filled out a sworn statement and Winter Park Police Department found Jerome’s Range Rover at his place of business.

He was later identified by Dylan Vogt as the man who committed the crime.

Jerome was taken to the Winter Park police station and placed in a holding cell. Larson stated there was never a point when he considered charges against Dylan Vogt.

Officer Larson was asked if he had ever contacted anyone from Orange County Sheriff’s Office about the 2017 case. Michael Brehne read Sergeant Keith Vidler’s report which stated that on December 11, 2019 Officer Larson called Vidler about the investigation. Larson said he didn’t recall making any calls to anyone from Orange County Sheriff’s Office, he may have returned a call however he couldn’t remember Sergeant Keith Vidler or Corporal John Ramsey’s names.

When asked about whether he believed Metro-State Special Services had the right to direct traffic Officer Larson said he did believe the company could direct traffic. But he was unsure after his phone call with Sergeant Keith Vidler. Officer Larson stated Vidler’s interpretation of the law confused him.

Attorney Michael Brehne asked Officer Joshua Larson if the same incident occurred while he was directing traffic would he be authorized to use deadly force to stop Jerome’s vehicle. Officer Larson replied, “Yes.”

Attorney William Ruffier cross examined Officer Larson with follow-up questions. Ruffier asked Larson if citizens could stop and direct traffic. Officer Larson stated Dylan Vogt could block the intersection in order to make sure those who were not in the funeral procession could not merge into it.

William Ruffier asked Officer Larson if Metro-State employees were allowed to have flashing red lights. After an objection from Michael Brehne, Officer Larson stated he didn’t believe Dylan Vogt had red or blue lights and he didn’t see any lights flashing.

Ruffier asked Larson if he saw any bruising on Dylan Vogt’s body and Larson said he did not.

Officer Larson was asked several times about Dylan Vogt’s rights while the funeral procession was occurring.

Jerome’s second attorney, Stephanie Pillar, attempted to cross examine Officer Joshua Larson but after a heated discussion between Pillar and opposing attorney Michael Brehne, the deposition was terminated.

On July 16, 2020 Stephanie Pillar filed a motion to compel deposition and a motion for sanctions against Michael Brehne. Pillar also filed the transcript of the deposition.

The 26-page transcript is available for download.

On December 5, 2019 Corporal John Ramsey and Sergeant Keith Vidler interviewed Jerome in his third attorney’s office. Attorney Scott Rost was present during the interview.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Dewitte’s ex, Jennifer has made public records requests after seeing the video of Dylan Vogt and Jerome.

“I was told Jerome’s wife and his manager were calling their lawyers when he went back to the office. They were telling the lawyers to hurry up and get over there because Jerome was going to be arrested. The state is offering Dylan these probation deals because he doesn’t have points to go to prison. They want him to testify against Jeremy.”

“The public records have been interesting,” she said. “It’s very interesting hearing what people say behind your back. It’s clear to me Ramsey underestimated me. He thought he was going to be able to tell my story and I was just going to fade away. I was never going to let that happen.”

“He said I sent him emails and he was just so confused about it. He didn’t know why. Well when someone tells you to email them you sort of do it. He wanted to know everything about Jeremy even his favorite sexual positions. He said he wanted to know his whole life,” Jennifer continued. “Then he told people he didn’t know why I wanted to speak to him. I didn’t want to talk to him. I wanted to talk to Detective Allen. Ramsey called me and almost made me pinky promise to come in and talk to him. But he changed his story for the audience. I didn’t know he was a regular dumbass.”

“They wanted me to be the villain and the mean girl. Jessica Bolden tried to run over Rania Dewitte with her truck but I’m the villain. I’ve never tried to kill another person and I’ve never destroyed someone’s property and left dents in their vehicle. Jessica Bolden does those things. It’s finally coming out but the sheriff’s office tried to hide it.”

“I don’t know why she did that to Rania. I’m sure it was jealousy. When I spoke to her on the phone she talked to me like she was a 10. But I saw the Tampa video and I saw someone who was barely a 5.”

“Those old friendships and relationships are irrelevant. Dead and gone. So much has changed,” she said.

“I knew there was something going on with the public records because I was requesting them with a few other people and we weren’t receiving the same things that are online. I didn’t want to give the police departments any wiggle room and blame someone who didn’t properly redact.”

She went on to say, “I wanted to put them in a corner that was so tight they couldn’t move and that is why I requested the Seminole Power Sports call. Ramsey and Vidler wanted to be the stars and I wanted to make sure I kept that light on them.”

Jeremy Dewitte’s next criminal court date is September 1, 2020 for a pre-trial hearing and his trial date is still set for September 14, 2020.

The Camera

Jeremy Dewitte was arrested on September 7, 2019 in Windermere, Florida after he allegedly crossed a double yellow line while conducting a funeral procession. The officers on the scene were Sergeant Mark DeStefano, Officer Jerrell Ogletree, Officer Jeffrey Czwornog, Officer Ryan Miller and Trainee Officer Tuck.

Dewitte was charged with one count of falsely impersonating a police officer, one count of resisting an officer without violence and one count of unlawful use of a two-way communication device. The latter charge was dropped by the State of Florida and a new charge of reckless driving was added.

During the arrest Jeremy Dewitte stated on several occasions he was recording the incident with his helmet camera.

On October 2, 2019 Officer Jeffrey Czwornog completed an affidavit for a search warrant to obtain the video from the helmet camera worn by Jeremy Dewitte on September 7, 2019. Judge Kevin B. Weiss reviewed the affidavit and issued a search warrant on October, 2, 2019.

On October 4, 2019 Officer Czwornog reviewed the helmet camera and discovered an SD card containing 19 videos. Czwornog claimed the majority of the videos showed Jeremy Dewitte on various motorcycles driving recklessly.

Officer Jeffrey Czwornog transferred the videos on the SD card to a CD and submitted it into evidence. According to Czwornog there appeared to be an internal hard drive in the camera itself but he was unable to access the files.

Officer Czwornog made an attempt to download the software from, the manufacturer of the helmet camera, and claimed he was unsuccessful. Czwornog sent an email on October 4, 2019 to Contour’s support team to obtain the software file.

Contour, LLC was a Utah-based company that manufactured cameras, mounts and accessories. The company shut down in 2014 after 10 years in the technology industry. Contour attempted a comeback merge with iON Camera in 2015 after Contour sued GoPro for patent infringement.

iON filed for bankruptcy in 2016. Contour, LLC has been inactive since 2016.

According to Officer Jeffrey Czwornog’s affidavit, Jeremy Dewitte’s helmet camera was a Contour 1900 model.

One of the first steps when using the helmet camera is inserting the SD card. The next step is to slide the Record Slider forward to record.

The Contour manual states Letter A is the Recording Indicator. If the circle is visible, the device is recording. Letter B is the Record Slider.

The photos taken by Windermere Police Department on the day of Jeremy Dewitte’s arrest show the Contour camera’s Record Slider is slid forward and the Recording Indicator is visible.

We received the photographs from Jeremy Dewitte’s ex, Jennifer, who unexpectedly met with Detective John Allen and Deputy Chief Jennifer Treadwell about the camera footage.

“I hadn’t seen Detective Allen since 2019 and I wasn’t expecting to see him,” she said. “The best thing I’ve learned since 2019 is Jeremy met Jessica Bolden on Ashley Madison. He used her up. The last person who saw her said she was looking rougher than usual. Oh well.”

She continued, “Deputy Chief Treadwell was very nice to me and I felt like she was being genuine. I sat in the same seat, Detective Allen sat in the same seat, she sat in (Corporal) Ramsey’s seat. It was just like 2019 except Ramsey wasn’t there and we were wearing masks.”

“They said they wanted to help me. But Deputy Chief Treadwell said there wasn’t any video from Jeremy’s camera. She said it was almost as if he didn’t turn his camera on that day. The other videos were there. The Windermere video wasn’t,” Jennifer said.

“One of the last things Detective Allen told me is I can always come to him and ask him questions if I have any. But then after the meeting I realized public records that were redacted for other people weren’t redacted for some. I’m not sure how insignificant people can have things that aren’t redacted unless it was handed to them.”

“I know Vidler calls people and laughs at videos that go up because he has a part in them and because he’s pathetic but I don’t know about other officers and what they do,” she said.

According to another source Sergeant Keith Vidler allegedly alerted law enforcement to be on the look-out (BOLO or BOL) for Metro-State Special Services and Jeremy Dewitte on September 7, 2019.

In the video uploaded today Jeremy Dewitte makes a phone call to Metro-State Special Services employee Allen Smith about Steven “Recycle” Negron from Orange County Corrections. We will also take another look at Dewitte’s September 7, 2019 Windermere arrest.

***There are moments in the video when the body worn cameras are muted by Windermere Police Department.***

The Surveillance

On October 19, 2019 Sergeant Keith Vidler of Orange County Sheriff’s Office prepared an affidavit about his encounter with Metro-State Special Services on October 12, 2019.

In the affidavit Sergeant Vidler claimed Jeremy Dewitte and Randall Brocius committed the crime of falsely impersonating a police officer.

Vidler stated he responded to the area of Dr. Phillips Boulevard and Wallace Road in Orlando, Florida in reference to a funeral escort conducted by Metro-State Special Services.

The funeral procession was scheduled to leave Ebon Temple Inc. at 7001 Wallace Road and arrive at Dr. Phillips Cemetery at 5398 South Apopka-Vineland Road.

Sergeant Vidler said he witnessed Jeremy Dewitte and Randall Brocius riding motorcycles and wearing uniforms which resembled law enforcement. In his statement Vidler also said Dewitte and Brocius “activated amber and blueish/purple flashing strobe lights.” He noted Steven Negron, was present in a black and white Dodge Charger with the same flashing strobe lights.

According to his affidavit Vidler witnessed Jeremy Dewitte entering the intersection and blowing his horn with his lights activated while acting as a traffic control device.

Keith Vidler claimed Jeremy Dewitte was holding the eastbound traffic that had a green light to proceed. He stated a black vehicle pulled up next to the driver’s door of a blue vehicle traveling east. The black vehicle entered the northbound turn lane. The blue vehicle failed to enter the intersection because of Dewitte’s actions according to Sergeant Keith Vidler.

Randall Brocius allegedly entered the intersection of South Apopka-Vineland Road and Wallace Road as he began blowing his horn with his lights activated. Brocius blocked northbound traffic while he waited for Steven Negron who was in a black and white Dodge Charger. Sergeant Vidler stated he observed Randall Brocius traveling northbound on South Apopka-Vineland Road performing the same actions at the next intersection.

Vidler claimed Randall Brocius blocked all southbound traffic prior to the funeral procession at the Dr. Phillips Cemetery.

Former Metro-State Special Services employee and witness for the State, Steven Negron, stated he was a part of the funeral escort that day and he was driving the black and white Dodge Charger. Negron confirmed it was Jeremy Dewitte and Randall Brocius on the motorcycles on October 12, 2019.

According to a source Steven Negron accepted a new job position at PCI Security with the assistance of Sergeant Keith Vidler.

On February 12, 2020 arrest warrants were issued for Jeremy Dewitte and Randall Brocius for falsely impersonating police officers.

On July 8, 2020 Assistant State Attorney Steven Casey Miller filed a notice of supplemental discovery in Randall Brocius’ felony case. The discovery was video footage taken from Sergeant Keith Vidler’s body camera on October 12, 2019.

In his affidavit Sergeant Vidler claimed he responded to the Dr. Phillips area in reference to Metro-State Special Services, however it is unclear which call for service he was responding to. In the video below it appears Sergeant Vidler is standing behind bushes, speaking to someone and watching Jeremy Dewitte, Randall Brocius and Steven Negron perform a funeral procession while his body camera is recording.

Jeremy Dewitte’s next court date is September 1, 2020 for a pre-trial conference and his trial date is set for September 14, 2020. Randall Brocius has a pre-trial conference set for September 1, 2020. All court proceedings will be held in front of Judge Renee Roche.

The Transcript

On June 18, 2009 Jeremy Dewitte went before Judge Julie O’Kane after violating his sex offender probation. On January 10, 2005 a warrant was issued for Jeremy Dewitte’s arrest. He was charged with two counts of lewd or lascivious battery on a minor between the ages of 12 and 15.

Dewitte later pled to one of the two charges. A stipulated downward departure was granted by the judge and Jeremy Dewitte was given a lesser sentence of five years probation. The alleged victim in Orange County case number, Noemi Luis, and her parents asked for the downward departure and indicated they did not want Jeremy Dewitte to serve a long prison sentence.

During his violation of probation hearing Jeremy Dewitte admitted he violated his sex offender probation. His defense attorney Eric Dubois and the state prosecutor Nicole Pegues agreed on another downward departure at the request of the Luis family.

Jeremy Dewitte was sentenced to four years in prison instead of the eight years he was originally facing.

YouTube channel Real World Police recently spoke to Noemi Luis about her relationship with Jeremy Dewitte. Despite the fact that Real World Police adamantly denied Jeremy Dewitte raped Noemi Luis, Luis agreed to the interview.

Noemi Luis also changed her story about her relationship with Jeremy Dewitte and claimed it was not consensual. However court documents show she did believe it was consensual and she was against any prison time for Jeremy Dewitte.

The video was released to Patreon members and it was also accidentally leaked to the public. A source sent us an email about the video.

Jeremy Dewitte’s ex, Jennifer was also mentioned in the video and she sent an email to Corporal John Ramsey, Sergeant Keith Vidler, Undersheriff Mark Canty and Sheriff John Mina.

Jennifer also claimed she recently met with Detective John Allen in Windermere regarding Jeremy Dewitte’s helmet cam footage from the day of his arrest in September 2019.

“They say it’s missing. I was told it’s as if he never turned it on that day. But there’s more to that story,” she laughed. “As far as everything else, it will all come out. The people who think they can hide won’t be able to for very long. There are private investigators watching certain people.”

Jennifer chose to hold some of her comments about Real World Police. “I’ll wait like I always do. I think I know who they spoke to and I thought he was dead because he’s an alcoholic. I was 21 and he was 50 at the time. You do the math and you tell me if that was an equal situation.”

As far as the Orange County Sheriff’s Office she had this to say, “I emailed them and someone tried to hack into my email five hours later. Keith Vidler calls someone I know while he’s drinking at night and he talks about Jeremy all night long. That’s what I was told. It could be a lie. So I’ll just say allegedly. John Ramsey told Rania Dewitte that me and Jeremy were getting a marriage license too. I guess that’s what the police tell everyone. It never happened.”

We received photos and video which we will share at a later date about the arrest in Windermere.