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The Updates IX

December 8, 2020 4:55 PM EST

Jeremy Dewitte was arrested today at 3:01 PM EST by Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. According to a source from the sheriff’s office Dewitte had a warrant for his arrest for failing to register a temporary address.

Allegedly Jeremy Dewitte left Orlando, Florida on November 1, 2020 on a flight to Los Angeles, California for a taping at the Dr. Phil Show in Los Angeles. He returned to Florida on November 5, 2020.

In the state of Florida a registered sex offender must report in person to the sheriff’s office within 48 hours before the date he intends to leave the state. Failing to register is a third degree felony and punishable by up to five years imprisonment.

Prior to his arrest Metro-State Special Services created an online merchandise shop with over 1,000 products for the public. Many of the products ironically read: Free Jeremy Dewitte.


We will have an update on Jeremy Dewitte’s recent arrest as well as exclusive footage later this week.

The Updates V

Jeremy Dewitte was arrested on April 13, 2020 for failing to properly register a vehicle in his wife Rania Dewitte’s name. As a sex offender Jeremy Dewitte is required to register all vehicles in his and his wife’s name.

He was released on April 14, 2020 and given a $1,500 bond.

Two weeks ago we spoke to a man who claimed to be another business partner from Jeremy Dewitte’s past. We attempted to interview the man and ultimately he decided to remain anonymous.

The man stated he met Jeremy Dewitte and Jessica Bolden in 2019. He claimed Jeremy Dewitte and Jessica Bolden were business partners but also intimate with one another in front of him.

The business partner said he saw Rania Dewitte in her vehicle several times and according to him Jeremy Dewitte was verbally abusive towards his wife. He said he asked Jeremy Dewitte to apologize to his wife.

The man claimed he was conned by Jeremy Dewitte and Jessica Bolden. He stated Jeremy Dewitte tried to take over his business within two weeks of their meeting. He said he never saw Jeremy Dewitte’s driver’s license because Dewitte told him he was a police officer and showed him his gun.

According to the ex business partner Jessica Bolden hired a crew of African-American men to clean the new location for Metro-State Special Services. The man said he mistakenly identified one of the men as Bolden’s father to Jeremy Dewitte. He claimed Dewitte turned to him and said, “That’s not her father. That’s just another n*gger.”

The source claimed he had text messages from Jeremy Dewitte. According to him Jeremy Dewitte was “an adopted son” and he trusted him enough to leave his business with Dewitte when he was on vacation.

We haven’t received any of those text messages.

In lighter news a frequent reader of this site, Casual Observer, shared some of the parody Metro-State Special Services badges he made online.

The Officers

A cult, a herd, a gang, there are many ways to describe groups of people who bond over unusual beliefs or goals.

Moving in a pack can influence our behavior. A pack mentality is seen in animals, typically dogs, but it can also be seen in humans. The ability to find the courage we wouldn’t necessarily have on our own can be found when we run with others.

It would be fair to say it takes a strong personality to become a police officer. Mental agility, assertiveness, good communication and being able to remain calm in all situations are key skills found in good police officers.

It would also be fair to say it takes a peculiar type of personality to impersonate or encourage the impersonation of police officers.

When the owner of Metro-State Special Services, Jeremy Dewitte, picked certain officers as he called them to join his company it would be reasonable to believe he picked individuals who were similar in personality.

Or those who would be passive enough to accept certain personality traits.

One of those officers was Jessica Bolden. Jessica Bolden is listed as one of the owners of Metro-State’s various side jobs, in particular Metro-State Emergnecy (Ambulance) Services. According to law enforcement Jessica Bolden is also Jeremy Dewitte’s second girlfriend he found online.

Another officer was Steven. Steven had legal issues of his own when he joined Metro-State Special Services. On August 9, 2017 charges were filed against him for assault with a deadly weapon. His attorney was Benjamin Jones.

Steven had more charges filed against him in a separate case on April 4, 2018. Those charges included extortion with a weapon, grand theft and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Benjamin Jones was his attorney yet again.

Steven would later be a witness for the State against his employer Jeremy Dewitte.

Randall Allyn Brocius was a Metro-State Special Services officer who was arrested for open display of a firearm during Jeremy Dewitte’s September 2019 fiasco.

This was not Randall’s first arrest nor would it be his last.

After Jeremy Dewitte’s release from jail in the earlier part of 2019 it didn’t appear as if Metro-State Special Services had any other issues besides a legal hiccup in Chicago, Illinois which was quickly forgotten.

But Jeremy Dewitte’s Windermere arrest seemed to cause a ripple effect of problems.

Six days after meeting with Detective John Allen in Windermere, Florida a civil case was initiated against Jeremy Dewitte and Metro-State Special Services for failure to pay their rental lease.

It is interesting to note Jeremy Dewitte is also named as “Jermy Dewit” because it appears he used yet another fictitious name on the lease agreement. Jeremy Dewitte or Jermy Dewit and Metro-State Special Services were evicted from the premises. The civil case is still pending.

It is also worth noting the attorney who was hired to evict Jeremy Dewitte was the same attorney who was hired to evict Randall Brocius and his wife at the time from their rental unit in spring of 2017.

However even this wasn’t anything in comparison to what was to come in the following months for Jeremy “Jermy Dewit” Dewitte or Metro-State Special Services.

The Calm

On September 13, 2019 Jeremy Dewitte and his attorney Amir A. Ladan casually walked into Windermere Police Department for an interview. On September 7, 2019 Jeremy Dewitte was arrested in Windermere, Florida and charged with resisting arrest, unlawful use of a two-way communication device and falsely impersonating a police officer.

One of Jeremy’s employees, Randall Allyn Brocius, was also arrested and hit with an open display of a firearm charge.

Between February of 2019 and September of 2019 Jeremy Dewitte appeared to be unstoppable. He dodged prison time in February for failing to register as a sex offender and for violating his community control.

His company Metro-State Special Services had expanded from a funeral escort business to an ambulance company and it was even offering tow truck services. However his luck seemed to end when he was arrested that September day during a funeral procession.

On Friday the 13th Jeremy Dewitte and Amir Ladan sat down with Windermere Police Detective John Allen who was overseeing the matter. As a former investigator in the 2011 Casey Anthony case this would not have been Detective Allen’s first time interviewing a complex character.

During Jeremy’s taped interview Detective Allen asked pointed questions about his criminal past. Jeremy Dewitte claimed he hadn’t been in trouble in over 10 years.

When Detective Allen asked him again if he had been in trouble with law enforcement in the last 10 years Jeremy recanted and said he had been in trouble but only because Jennifer, his ex-girlfriend, got him into trouble. Jeremy Dewitte didn’t appear to admit his role in the trouble which was his failure to register two online accounts before he ever knew Jennifer.

Detective John Allen asked Jeremy Dewitte about a June 2019 arrest in Chicago, Illinois. According to body cam footage from Chicago police officers Jeremy Dewitte and his wife Rania Dewitte were visiting the area in a rented Airbnb apartment. A witness contacted police and stated Jeremy was throwing metal chairs from the balcony of the sixth floor apartment.

These metal chairs were thrown, according to Jeremy Dewitte, as a way to get the attention of a tow truck driver who was ordered to tow Jeremy’s rental car. This was ironic considering Jeremy Dewitte had recently expanded Metro-State Special Services to include tow truck services.

Rania Dewitte went downstairs to speak to the tow truck driver and Jeremy Dewitte stayed inside and threw six metal chairs off of the balcony.

During this commotion Jeremy met with Chicago police officers and stated on police body camera he was a police officer and a “federal state agent.” He was arrested shortly thereafter, released on his own recognizance and given a court date.

When Detective John Allen asked Jeremy Dewitte about this arrest Jeremy claimed he hadn’t been arrested, he was never released on his own recognizance, nor was there a court date. 

Seeming increasingly defensive Jeremy Dewitte asked what any of his prior troubles had to do with his complaint against the officer in Windermere. Detective Allen stated his credibility was an important part of the investigation.

What Jeremy Dewitte didn’t know was every part of his past had already been looked over with a fine-tooth comb. Law enforcement already knew about his trouble in Orlando with Jennifer and his arrest in Chicago.

Shortly after his interview, someone from Jeremy Dewitte’s past would be interviewed by Detective John Allen and Orange County Sheriff’s Office Corporal John A. Ramsey.

The Influence

After his release from prison Jeremy Dewitte was juggling a marriage and dating apps, but he was also building the now infamous Metro-State Special Services. To balance it all he enlisted the help of a few people he kept close to him. One of those people was his brother, Dylan Kent Vogt.

Dylan was born on November 2, 1993. He is 13 years younger than Jeremy Dewitte and was only 11 years old when Jeremy was first arrested in January of 2005 for Lewd or Lascivious Battery on a minor. Like Jeremy, Dylan also inherited recessive auburn hair and like Jeremy he would later inherit issues with criminal courts. 

Taller and lankier Dylan Vogt appeared to follow his older brother’s lead. The first sign of Jeremy Dewitte’s influence was on September 9, 2013 when Dylan was ticketed for improper passing and driving on pavement. Dylan hired Daniel S. Lapina to defend him, the same Daniel S. Lapina who defended his brother Jeremy Dewitte during his criminal cases.

In 2014, 2015 and 2018 Dylan Vogt received tickets for failure to obey traffic controls, improperly stopping on a sidewalk and having prohibited red and blue lights on his vehicle.

For most of these traffic citations he retained Amir Ladan, the same Amir Ladan who assisted Jeremy Dewitte in the past in traffic court and the same Amir Ladan who is Jeremy’s current criminal defense attorney. 

Many people would elect to attend traffic school or handle the citation head on without legal assistance. But by 2014 Dylan Vogt was used to attorneys and the court system because on November 24, 2013 he was arrested and charged with Lewd or Lascivious Battery on a 12-15 year old. 

In a similar situation as his older brother Jeremy Dewitte, Dylan Vogt was accused of a sex crime. Unlike his older brother, Dylan was accused of attempting to commit the act. Twenty-eight other people were arrested in Osceola County, Florida in a child-sex sting. Dylan was one of the 28 arrested. 

Detectives posed as juveniles in chat rooms and some of the accused sent graphic sexual photos to the detectives. The suspects traveled to meet the minors in various meeting locations and were arrested. Undercover deputies involved in this sting were from Lake, Polk, Osceola and Orange Counties to name a few. 

Dylan Vogt was charged with unlawful use of a two-way communication device, possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, traveling to meet a minor for an unlawful sexual act, criminal attempt to solicit or conspire and Lewd or Lascivious Battery on a 12-15 year old. 

Ronald Ecker was Dylan’s defense attorney and at his first appearance on November 25, 2013 Dylan’s bond was set at $65,250 which was $62,750 more than his brother Jeremy Dewitte’s $2,500 bond in 2005 when Jeremy was accused of two counts of Lewd or Lascivious Battery on a 12-15 year old. Dylan Vogt was bonded out a week later on December 2, 2013. 

On September 17, 2014 Dylan took a plea deal and he was given 12 months of community control, a stricter form of probation, and an additional 4 years of actual probation. He was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service and a drug and alcohol evaluation. Dylan Vogt only pled guilty to unlawful use of a two-way communication, possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

On August 11, 2015 Dylan Vogt’s defense attorney filed a motion to modify because he wanted to be able to return to his parents’ home. His sister and her son lived in the home and Dylan was unable to live there because his nephew was a minor.

On August 17, 2015 the motion was granted and Dylan was able to return home on the condition his interactions with his nephew were supervised at all times. 

Daniel Lapina, defense attorney for Jeremy Dewitte’s previous criminal cases, became the defense attorney for Dylan Vogt and on September 27, 2017 he filed a motion asking for early termination of Dylan’s 4 year probation. The motion was denied on May 16, 2018 and in September 2019 Dylan Vogt’s probation ended. 

Ironically Dylan’s probation ended the same month his brother Jeremy Dewitte was arrested by Windermere Police on September 7, 2019. This also wasn’t the end of Dylan Vogt’s own troubles because an incident that occurred in the summer of 2017 would come back to hunt him and his brother Jeremy.